Maialen Chourraut: "It was difficult for me to assimilate the date change of the Games, it is so marked that it is difficult to erase it"

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Maialen Chourraut, a canoeist who won gold in Rio 2016, passed by Carousel Deportivo after the International Olympic Committee announced the postponement of Tokyo 2020.

"It took a while for me to assimilate the change of date, and that could be seen coming. It was practically impossible to celebrate this year. But it is such a marked date that it is difficult to erase it. Now we have to wait. We don't know when we will leave home and when we will train. I already have it assimilated, "he explained.

The Basque canoeist, who will arrive at the next Olympic event at the age of 38, stressed the importance of training even while in quarantine. "Our goal is to maintain ourselves to avoid injury, having to stop because the body does not adapt well. I don't know when we are going to get out of this but we will have jobs, "he added.

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Regarding the media attention he received after the gold in Rio, Chourraut explained that "it overwhelmed him." "I love tranquility, being on my own. It is something that at that moment, the day I won, you were able to do everything with a big smile because the joy is capital. Also you have to share it ", concluded.

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