How to compress videos to send them by WhatsApp or Discord

At the time of share videos through messaging applications such as Discord or WhatsApp, we are always going to find that there is a fairly small limit in terms of the weight of the video we want to send.

In WhatsApp the maximum is 64 MB, while in Discord it is barely 8 MB if we have a free account, and it only goes up to 100MB if we have Discord Nitro. For these or similar cases, there is a free and easy-to-use tool that can help you compress any video in order to send it.



TinyVid is a free app to compress your videos quickly and easily, ideal to be able to share them on WhatsApp or Discord, in fact, it comes with specific options for you to select the platform you will use to share it to use those limits when compressing your video.

Works on Windows, Linux, and macOS And although its primary focus is gamers who want to quickly share their recordings to share on Discord, it obviously also works for anyone who wants to share a video on whatever platform, but has a small limit on the size of the videos that can be uploaded.

The application is extremely simple and easy to use, supports 4K resolution up to 360p and everything in between (480p, 720p, 1080p). The processing of your video is quite fast, but you can adjust it to be done as fast as possible if you are willing to lose quality.

During processing the app will tell you, depending on the options you choose, if your video will look good, if it will have artifacts, or even if it will look “potato quality” because you are using too much compression.

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TinyVid supports up to 60 FPS, but you can switch between 30, 24, 20, and up to 15 FPS to weigh even less. Also you can choose a custom size in MB if you don’t want to use the sharing options on Discord or WhatsApp.

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In addition to compressing the video, you can trim it and the app will indicate its duration. It’s the only additional thing you can tweak in TinyVid with a couple of sliders in the preview. This is not a video editor as such, it is a simple tool for compressing and little else, but it serves its purpose more than well, it’s free, doesn’t inject adware, and has no usage limits or add annoying watermarks.

The results will obviously vary a lot depending on the original video, how much you compress it and the rest of the options you choose, but in general it processes very fast and the videos it generates are more than acceptable, especially for sharing in apps where nobody ever expects. be able to share 30 minutes of 4K video.

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