Love Alarm Season 2: Everything We Know

Love Alarm Season 2: Everything We Know

The Love Alarm series a famous story based on a webtoon written by Kye Young Chon and made for the romantic at heart. In the story, it is a digitalized life, and developers release a dating app, and one goes viral.

Love Alarm Season 2
Love Alarm Season 2

The application allows users to feel if someone close to them or within a ten feet range has romantic feelings for them. In the series, this app disrupts one person’s life drastically. 

Jojo gets caught up in a love triangle between Sunoh, who is a handsome model and his childhood best friend, HeeYoung.

The love alarm application helps people to find true love in society and has an exciting storyline. 

So if you have not yet seen season one, you can stream it on Netflix. However, if you have watched the series, you may be wondering when season two is going to be released. 

When will Love Alarm Season 2 Be Released?

You can expect Love Alarm season two to air a month after season one is released. 

Thus far, Netflix has not confirmed the renewal of season 2 yet. It takes them up to four weeks to check viewer data to decide if it is worth to release. 

However, fans can expect a decision later this month. Love Alarm season one only has eight episodes and season 2 may not take too long to air. 

Furthermore, season one was announced in 2017 and only aired on August 2019. Therefore, you can expect to be on Netflix around August 2020 but remains to be seen. 

Spoiler alert if you are still busy watching season one. Fans who have already watched the finale of the first season would like to see how things pan out with the cliffhanger ending.

The season ended with Jojo caught between two friends as both of their love alarms. So fans can expect to get answers to all the questions about what is going to happen to the love triangle.

Furthermore, we can expect the Love Alarm 2.0 app in action as revealed in the first season finale. The application will tell who falls in love with each other while predicting how each one’s feelings are growing as well. 

What is more, there is still a mystery about who developed the app. Everyone knows that Duk Gu developed it and gave it to Jojo but the presentations given by someone else who is not Duk Gu. 

What happened to the developer and why is the company using someone else instead. 

Who is in the group of actors of Love Alarm?

The main character is Jojo, played by Kim SoHyun who was very young when she lost her parents and living with her aunt. Once she is introduced to the Love Alarm, her life has a drastic change as it starts to ring with Sunnah.

Sunnah played by Song Kang has a mother who does not care about him or his father. The young man is warm-hearted with a cool yet rough appearance. He is transferred to Jojo’s school and attracts loads of attention as his father is a famous actor. 

When he uses the love alarm, it keeps ringing for every person he is in contact with. However, when Jojo uses it, she finds out that it is Sunoh’s love making it ring. 

Then we have Sunoh’s best friend HeeYoung, played by Jung GaRam. He is a kind person who lost his father and showered with loads of love from his mother. 

HeeYoung and Sunnah have been friends for twelve years and have a one-sided feeling towards Jojo. However, when Jojo is close to Sunnah, the love alarm does not ring, so what makes her different.  

What the story tells is that while they are using the love alarm, it can notify them of others feelings but does not guarantee safety or happiness as you will see. 

So if you hope to see the second series of The Love Alarm, you will have to keep your fingers crossed that it does return to Netflix. 

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