Unbridled Crunchyroll This Spring: Six More Souls Are Coming Including 86 And Osamake!

Crunchyroll does not even leave the crumbs to the competition and enriches its spring catalog with six other interesting anime, among which stand out the promising 86: Eighty Six, the second season of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! and the funny comedy Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose.

Overall, Crunchyroll has acquired the rights for the distribution of eight of the ten most anticipated series of the spring season (data from MyAnimeList), with the only exceptions represented by Fruits Basket 3 and Shaman King, both unreleased in Italy. The schedule has 23 new simulcasts, with at least three more series to be announced arriving later this month.

As for the news, below you will find the six new anime with a brief description.

  • 86: Eighty Six (to be announced)

Called “Juggernaut”, these automatic drones were developed by the Republic of San Magnolia, to counter the attacks of the automatic drones of the neighboring Jade Empire, the “Legion”. But they are without a driver in name only. They are actually piloted by Eighty-sixers, considered less than humans and used as mere tools.

Determined to achieve his mysterious purposes, Captain Shin leads the Spearhead Squadron, made up of Eighty-sixer, and continues to fight a hopeless confrontation in a battlefield where only death can await him. As the battle rages on, Lena, the Republic’s elite soldier, arrives to take on the role of Manager. Disgusted by how the Republic uses Eighty-sixers as slaughter fodder and despising them to the point of calling them “pigs in a human body,” she chooses to treat them as human beings.

A young man who is part of the Eighty-sixer and constantly faces death at the front and a promising young woman from the army elite. Normally they would never have met, but because of the fierce war that surrounds them they look together towards the future.

  • Backflip!! (to be announced)

The last summer of middle school Shotaro Futaba discovers men’s gymnastics and falls in love with it instantly. Shotaro ends up in Soshukan Private High School (also called Ao High School) and decides to visit the gymnastics club. He is greeted by unique veterans of the sport and the famous gymnast called Misato Ryoya. Devote your life to something you love during the difficult days of your youth … of course there is frustration, difficulty but you will be able to see how these guys will go through all that together in this story about sports and youth.

  • Cestvs: The Roman Fighter (to be announced)

Cestvs fights his first fight in the training school for gladiator slaves. Although he is disoriented to discover that his opponent is his best friend, he wins and his opponent is killed. According to his instructor Zafar, the losers have no future. “Every time you win, your opponent dies.” You are practically a killer! With all the bitterness and anger encircled in his fists, Cestvs survives, but one after another various adversaries stand out in front of him, as does the shadow of Nero, the fifth emperor of Rome. With no other way to gain freedom, will Cestvs be able to take possession of his future?

  • SD GUNDAM WORLD HEROES (April 8, 2021)

The balance between the worlds is maintained by the heroes.

A red meteor suddenly appears and falls on one of these worlds called, Neo World.

A boy named Wukong Impulse Gundam, who does not remember anything, is found at the crash site. From this event chaos is generated in all other worlds, one after the other. At the same time, Zhuge Liang Freedom Gundam discovers an impending disaster thanks to astrology. He and his trusted friend Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam set out to save the worlds from this crisis and embark on a journey with Wukong. What will Wukong Impulse Gundam think when he meets the heroes of other worlds? Will this boy be able to bring peace during this catastrophe? A new story about heroes begins now!

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! Season 2 (to be announced)

The chaotic school life continues! Suzuki Iruma, human and truly peaceful, suddenly becomes the grandson of the elder demon Sullivan. His “grandfather” dotes on Iruma beyond belief and is the school principal … and the boy discovers that he adores his life with Asmodeus, Clara and the other demonic classmates. But just when Iruma thought he had settled in, there was some problem at the door! A ring starts talking and Iruma … things are going badly! Iruma’s chaotic and demonic school life continues!

Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose (to be announced)

High school student Kuroha Shida is convinced that her childhood friend and neighbor, Sueharu Maru, is in love with her. Her dreams are shattered when Sueharu admits she has feelings for Shirokusa Kachi, a beautiful girl who is also very popular at school, an established writer and model. When Sueharu discovers that Shirokusa already has a boyfriend, Kuroa suggests a “revenge” plan to carry out together.

And what do you think of it? Will you be following one of these anime? Let us know in the comments section!

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