October is a great month for all Sky TV series’ Very enthusiastic viewers. So The autumn window, as we know, has always been synonymous with great productions. Also including appointments now considered fixed and novelties of absolute thickness.

The sky is now an orphan of Il Trono di Spade ( Game of Thrones, for friends). Yet the schedule of the international giant will offer a slew of visions. Thus Some of them simultaneously with the US – that no serial fan should miss.


We scoured the Netflix TV Series Catalog of October 2019. Then we analyzed the Amazon Prime Video releases of October 2019 and now we look at all TV series coming to Sky(Atlantic and Fox) in the next thirty days. Therefore Below Given are the best three to follow the complete calendar.

1994 (first TV from 4 October)

The political drama devised by Stefano Accorsi continues: after 1992 and 1993, 1994 begins on October 4 on Sky Atlantic. With a double episode every Friday evening from 21:10. So It will be the final chapter of a series that has been a remarkable success among Italian television audiences.
The new episodes will lead us to experience the events that marked the end of the First Republic. Among the intrigues and investigations that characterized the story known as Mani Pulite. The cast includes Stefano Accorsi, Guido Caprino, Miriam Leone, Laura Chiarri, Antonio Gerardi and Paolo Pierobon.

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The Walking Dead – Season 10 (first TV since 7 October)

Inevitable, as now every year returns the series taken from them by a now concluded comic book by Robert Kirkman. With plays now positioned at historic lows after the glories of the early seasons, AMC production still comes in double figures.
We will return to live the story of Rick Grimes’s now orphaned survivors and ready to greet even Michonne. As recently declared by both the producers and the actress herself. The appointment for lovers of the post-apocalyptic series par excellence is set for October 7th. With an episode every Monday evening from 10.15 pm on Sky’s Fox channels, You can enjoy it.

Watchmen (first TV since 21 October)

All the spotlights are obviously on Watchmen, the TV series that will be the sequel to the 2009 Cine-Comic of Zack Snyder. In turn, inspired by the famous cult comic by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. The series is scripted by Damon Lindelof and will show us the consequences of that dramatic ending in the original work. It will leave readers and spectators with bated breath.
As with the great Game of Thrones-style exclusives, Watchmen will also be broadcast simultaneously with the United States at 3:00 am on October 21st. Obviously in the original language with Italian subtitles. The reply will then be broadcast again on 21/10, at 22:15. So then it arrives a week later in a dubbed version in Italian. The appointment is always on the same shore: Sky Atlantic.

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All Sky releases for October 2019

1994: As we already said, the series by Stefano Accorsi begins on October 4th and ends on October 25th. It will be for a total of 8 episodes transmitted two at a time on Friday evening on Sky Atlantic.

Private Eyes – Season 3: on Fox Crime, also on October 4th, the investigative series featuring former hockey player Matt Shade returns instead.

The Walking Dead 10: the survivors and their fight against the zombies return on Monday 7 October at 10:15 pm on Fox.

The Deuce – Season 3: Tuesday 8 October, The new season comes on Sky Atlantic focuses on the new adventures of the Martino brothers at the dawn of the porn industry.

Empire – Season 6: The new adventures of the Lyon family will make their debut on Fox Live on Wednesday 9 October on the first TV starting at 22:00.

Succession – Season 2: Again on October 9th a Sky Atlantic production, now in its second round of episodes. Another HBO product, with Brian Cox.

Extra virgin olive oil: an all-Italian comedy series, directed by Roberta Torre, which will debut on Fox and Fox Life from October 9th.

The War of the Worlds: Sky will bring us on LaEffe the mini-series adaptation of HG Wells’ sci-fi masterpiece. From 11 October, every Friday at 9.10 pm.

Some More Releases in October:

Magnum PI – Season 2: New appointment with the reboot of the historical series of the Eighties, from October 15 aired on Fox every Tuesday at 21:00.

Little Murders By Agatha Christie – Season 4: From Thursday 17 October the new episodes of the French series arrive based on the famous novels of the mystery writer.

Watchmen: As already mentioned, the highly anticipated sequel to Alan Moore’s masterpiece is simultaneous with the US in every Monday from 21 October.

Ballers – Season 5: Again on October 21st, here are the new episodes of the series starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson!

9-1-1 Season 3: From 22 October, on Fox. We will return to live the salsa action adventures of the series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

The Resident – Season 3: Always the 22/10 back on Fox, the television series focused on the health world.

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 16: The new season of a series that we can now consider a cult also arrives in Italy. On Fox Life from October 28th, every Monday from 9.00 pm.

This is Us – Season 4: Fox Life welcomes the new season of a constantly growing phenomenon, starting from October 28th.

What We Do In The Shadows: October 31 on Fox begins a new series all comedy focused on the world of vampires.

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