Game of Thrones show runners speak about the final season

Game of Thrones show runners
Game of Thrones show runners

Game of Thrones showrunners speak about the final season

Game of Thrones has captured largest part of people’s choice. Everyone is under its spell due to its tremendous work. Game of Thrones has gained special love of its audiences because the politics, sexual scenes, games all are so passionate. It has completed 8 seasons and every season will keep you engaged with its story and everything.

Game of Thrones show runners
Game of Thrones show runners

Recently the news is rolling into the air that the showrunner David Benioff and Dan Weiss has never spoken about Game of Thrones in an interview. But recently they have given an interview to one of the Japanese channel: Star channel, on which game of thrones air. However, they have spoken everything in English where questions have been asked in Japanese. Although it has been a month since the last season aired. But the shows runner David Benioff and Dan Weiss have spoken about that errant coffee cup in one of the episodes.

In an interview with Japan, both the shows runner say, they find it as funny. Everyone at the time of shot was so engrossed that they have not noticed that cup, now when they have noticed after months it is all embarrassing to them and as well as funny. So clearing more about it they say, it is so natural of human that these little mistakes are just overlooked many times. But that is okay no one has come up with perfectionism. Anyways this episode ill is totally fun to watch with so many things. Although now the cup has been removed digitally from the HBO channel!

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On the other hand, it does not bother anyone that much. These little mistakes can happen by anyone. But now when anyone would look at what they all will laugh and smile. By the way, this mistake has taken place in the ‘Last of the Starks’, in front of Emilia Clarke’s character Deanery’s. Since last 8 years Game of Thrones has made its special place which people are going to keep secure even after 50 years. Life will be different after 50 years and these series will be among one of the good memories. But do not tell you have not watched the game of thrones, even if you have not watched it is completely okay, you may watch it. If one has to understand the whole story and theme, one will have to start with season one, episode one. But this will be fun!


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