Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Steve Harvey put on the show, Judge Steve Harvey is indeed a top-rated and very well American reality show that is based on arbitration. Debra Wilson is the voice of the show. The show was first shown on ABC. It was directed by Ryan Polito. The show is made by Gerald Jones as well as Lisa Allen.

Judge Steve Harvey is just an American reality court scripted show that is based on arbitration. Steve Harvey is the show’s host. On January 4, 2022, ABC showed the first episode of the show. Unlike most courtroom shows, which air during the day, Judge Steve Harvey started airing during prime time.

Also, unlike most courtroom shows, which usually air a new episode every day of the week, Judge Steve Harvey’s show is more like a sitcom and only airs a special installment once a week.

Judge Steve Harvey has been cast in September 2021, and the show was filmed from October through November of that year. Den of Thieves and Disney Branded Television work together to make the show.

Steve Harvey always has wanted to serve as a judge. He says the idea came to god when he was 12 years old. Even though his parents told him to talk about his dreams and go after them when he was older, he never did. He also never sat inside a law course to make his dream come true, and he never talked about it with any one of his teams.

A few years later, Steve plays the judge in the ABC series “Judge Steve Harvey,” which came out a while ago. Even though he doesn’t have a degree, it doesn’t hold him back. He is seen working and solving problems with the effective methods he knows how while still showing his funny side.

Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 Release Date

The first season had 9 episodes that were each 42 minutes long. The second season could be better than the first or stay the same. If everything goes as planned, the show should be out by the middle of 2023.

Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 Cast


  • Steve Harvey as Steve Harvey (Judge)

Nancy Price, who used to be the sheriff of Douglas County, Georgia, plays the bailiff on the show. Rubin Ervin, the audience warm-up, comes on at the beginning of each episode and tells the audience to stand up when Harvey comes on stage.

Guest stars

  • Scott Steiner as Himself
  • Sunkee Angel as Herself
  • Colbert Minga as Derek Porter
  • J. Dillon as Himself
  • Kevin E Tribble as Ok Mr. Hightower
  • Ronnie Gossett as Himself
  • Tyrone Evans Clark as Himself
  • Sham “Lady Sham” Ibrahim as Herself
  • Kevin Sullivan as Himself
  • Tiffani Brooks as Herself
  • Daphne Spring as Herself

Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 Trailer

You can watch the trailer for Judge Steve Harvey on YouTube. But if you try to find season 2, you won’t be able to because it hasn’t come out yet. If the creators put out the Season 2 trailer, you will get it.


Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 Plot

Even though a few people had also criticized Judge Steve Harvey for the same reason, most people liked the show. Even though some people didn’t like it, most people liked the unique idea behind it. Even though the reality show was criticized, it will be back for another season.

The show was about real people who had problems, and they told Steve Harvey about them. It’s not just about one thing, but about a lot of things, like marriage, divorce, friendships, and much more.

Steve Harvey doesn’t give the verdict himself. His Bailiff, Nancy, does it for him. She also says what she wants to say to make things go smoother.

On the reverse hand, Steve gives the verdict based on what he thinks about the case. When compared to certain other reality shows in the same genre, the only thing that draws people to this one is that it’s funny.

Harvey starts the proceedings by saying that each party has only 30 seconds to make their case, and also the audience keeps reacting to the proceedings until the end of the show.

Steve Harvey is a big reason why so many people watch the show. He is an established television personality. He has hosted a lot of different shows and written four books.

Harvey has been a well-known name in the entertainment business since the 1980s, so when his name shows up on a show’s cast list, viewers know they will be entertained.

The show is not a scripted legal show. Instead, real people with their problems come in front of the judge, Steve Harvey, and tell him about them.

There isn’t just one kind of problem that people bring to court. It covers everything from getting married to divorce to friendships and every other kind of deal you can think of. The variety is what keeps it interesting.

Steve doesn’t decide the cases on his own. He asks Nancy, his trustable Bailiff, to help him think things through and come up with ideas. Steve also uses his intuition as well as logic to determine which are the most suitable solutions.

We don’t know how season 2 will play out yet, but since Steve Harvey still will go as the judge, get ready to have the great moment of your life.

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