The Attack of the Giants: what is written on that character’s grave?

As it turned out, the last chapter of The attack of the Giants he got to talk about himself a lot, both for good and for bad. There are many elements that, little by little, are surfacing thanks to the efforts of the internet community. One user, in particular, was able to decipher the writing on a tomb.

A little ‘everyone participated in the ending of the manga, even the same voice actor of Eren. In any case, before continuing with the content of the tombstone message, it should be remembered that the following is a huge spoiler for narrative purposes, we therefore suggest you continue if you are on par with the story.

With the last chapter of the manga, in fact, Hajime Isayama has come full circle in an attempt to clarify Eren’s intentions precisely, despite the extermination of around 80% of the world’s population. Upon his death, Mikasa granted him a proper burial near that famous tree with a hardly legible inscription. A user, a certain Kasumi_Kasa, he managed to translate it and the epigraph reads:

Here forever
Rest in peace
My beloved
My dear

Someone commented with irony on the content of this message after Eren’s actions that exterminated a large part of humanity. And you, instead, what do you think of the translation of the tombstone of the iconic protagonist? Tell us what you think about it, as usual, with a comment in the appropriate box at the bottom of the page.

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