Jinx Chapter 38 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Jinx Chapter 38 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

In Jinx, Chapter 35 plunges readers into a world of suspense and unpredictable nature, showcasing the author’s love of complex narrative.

The story moves quickly, trapping Kim Dan, Heesung, with Jaekyung in a tangle of rising tensions and emotional distress.

In Jinx Chapter 35, the scenario begins with Kim Dan opening the door to his apartment while still confused by the recent occurrences.

The MMA fighter went to great lengths to ensure Doc’s sensory deprivation during the performance by blocking his ears, eyes, or mouth.

As a result, until Heesung shows up, Doc is absolutely unaware of what happened. The audacity of Jaekyung’s acts prevented them from even trying to cover their scent.

The plot is made more intriguing by the uncertainty of whether the protagonists will ever learn the solutions to these puzzles.

The Jinx Chapter 35 release date has finally arrived, and the fans are eager. As we move into the unexplored territory of the following chapters, the story’s future is once more a mystery.

The fates of the characters are uncertain because of what occurs to Kim Dan or because of what Jaekyung undertakes to defy expectations.

without jeopardizing the truth of the narrative. You can check Twitter for release-related spoilers.

Something like this would be written by a nuclear engineer who takes their work way too seriously.

This manga shouldn’t have as many surprise story turns as it does. The writer may have chosen to give the individual characters the worn-out roles of alpha and omega out of convenience.

Boys Love is a popular subgenre among otaku and drama viewers. This well-liked genre primarily developed in East Asian nations.

You’ve definitely heard about Jinx, a recent boys’ love manga. If you enjoy the boy-love subgenre, Jinx has an intriguing plot that you will enjoy.

The manga Jinx has been written and illustrated by Mingwa from its inception. Lezhin, which also grants rights for the English version, published it and announced its release in 2022.

Jinx Chapter 38 Release Date

Jinx Chapter 38 will soon be available. Finally, on Thursday, November 2, 2023, at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET), Jinx Chapter 38 will be accessible.

This chapter of the Lezhin comic should be read by those who are eager to read Jinx Chapter 38. On Lezhin Comics, you can also discover all prior chapters.

Jinx Chapter 38 Trailer

Jinx Chapter 38 Plot

Jinx chapter 32 summarized other chapters’ events and added to them, as we saw in the previous chapter. According to what we’ve read, the doctor is unaware of the idol’s purposes.

Idol was interested in spending time with Kim Dan rather than receive treatment from the doctor, therefore Kim Dan went shopping. Only shopping bags were carried by the doctor. Kim Dan got a lunch invitation from Idol.

Kim Dan won’t have a position of leadership, which will prevent him from ascending to the top, as seen in Jinx Chapter 33. Basically, the leader goes along with what the alpha leader says.

Although the pink-haired idol is drawn to Kim Dan, it is undeniable that his friendship with Jaekyung may have some bearing on their relationship. But in the following chapter, success will be the main focus.

Because Kim Dan paid all of Jaekyung’s debts and his grandmother’s hospital fees, he had purchased Kim Dan.

She still covers his income as well. He used to reveal it to Kim Dan so that he could humiliate him, but that hasn’t happened since.

The kind of routine to which we have all grown accustomed, in which the actors converse and nothing negative occurs to Kim Dan. But the silence won’t endure forever.

There will eventually be a significant event, and the barrier will burst. The dam burst at this section, returning Kim Dan to his original location.

However, things were a little different this time since Jaekyung ensured sure Kim Dan wasn’t aware of his plans.

Heesung, however, had to witness something so unbelievable that he was unable to accept the events he was seeing.

The fact that Jaekyung being the one who usually causes trouble in the show, though, hasn’t changed. And as usual, he made the most of the opportunity to assert his authority.

Jinx’s Chapter 24 looks to be an intriguing chapter that switches up the horror subgenre.

Jaekyung, the major antagonist, is no longer indifferent to Kim Dan’s feelings as he asserts his power.

Instead, we might see Jaekyung’s list of owees become longer, or possibly the inverse will happen.

Potato is holding suspicions because he wants to get closer to Jaekyung and get his attention, which is a selfish goal. Potato is now extremely sensitive to what is happening around Jaekyung as a result of this.

In Jinx’s Chapter 34, Heesung, who is illly attentive to the worn-out Doc, is being cared for by Kim Dan.

Jaekyung made the decision to wring every last bit of information from Doc while he was in Heesung.

Jaekyung allegedly injured himself before listening to the K-Pop star’s album. All of this is a ruse to persuade Kim Dan to support him.

Although the fighter in MMA may employ a more overt approach this time, his opponent is a well-known figure in the sport.

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