The OA Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Details

In March of 2019, Netflix premiered Season 2 of the drama series The OA. Even though Season 2 of The OA was well received, the path forward for Season 3 has not been explored. After nearly three years, viewers of The OA still want to know: Will there be a third season?

In 2016, Netflix released the first season of The OA, a science fiction mystery drama series. The supernatural, fantastic, and suspenseful are all there in the show. Prairie Johnson, a young woman, is the main character of this show. After seven years away, she decides to return to her old life. The fact that she can again see makes her return seem like a miracle. She begins to refer to herself as “The OA.”

The Netflix original series, created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, has received critical acclaim for its complex storyline and spectacular cinematography. The plot centers on a missing woman who turns up seven years later. At the same time, viewers were captivated by the show. They are curious about Season 3 of The OA.

The OA Season 3 Renewal Status

Sad news, indeed! ‘The OA’ has been formally canceled by Netflix. However, this is not always the end; the show might be renewed by Netflix or picked up by another network (HBO Max, I’m looking at you). Netflix’s VP of Original Series Cindy Holland confirmed the five-season order of the show in an interview with Indiewire.

Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, the show’s creators, reportedly pitched Netflix the idea of producing five seasons when they first began negotiations to do so. If the show is renewed, they have enough material for three more seasons.

The OA Season 3: Why was it canceled?

Given that The OA was reportedly intended to run for five seasons, Netflix’s decision to terminate it is perplexing, especially because the streaming service has recently canceled several of its original series, the most notable of which being Tuca & Bertie, for lack of viewer interest.

Holland confirmed to IndieWire in July 2018 that Netflix had always intended for the show to go for multiple seasons. In her opinion, “The OA” is fantastic. The idea of a five-season arc by Brit [Marling] and Zal [Batmanglij] was met with immediate and overwhelming excitement. When Jason Isaacs, who played the evil Dr. Hap, spoke with us in March 2019, he reiterated this idea. It would appear that Netflix simply lost interest and decided to pause the project.

The OA Story

Prairie Johnson, an adopted teen who went missing for seven years and then reappears, is at the center of this drama series. Prairie is blind when she goes missing, but when she returns she is able to see and refers to herself as “the OA” (which stands for “original angel”).

Instead of telling the FBI and her adoptive parents about where she has been and how she regained her sight, the OA immediately gathers a team of five locals (four high school kids and a teacher) to whom she provides that information and also explains her life narrative. She ends by pleading for their assistance in finding the other missing persons, whom she says she can find by creating a dimensional rift.

In Season 2, the OA travels to San Francisco to continue her quest for former captor Hap and the other captives she was held with. Prairie meets private investigator Karim Washington and offers her help in solving a mysterious case involving a missing girl, a haunted mansion, and a video game. When the OA’s five friends back in the original dimension experience a slew of misfortunes, they decide to take a road trip across the United States to help her.

The OA Cast

  • Brit Marling as Prairie Johnson / the OA / Nina Azarova / “Brit”
  • Emory Cohen as Homer Roberts
  • Scott Wilson as Abel Johnson
  • Phyllis Smith as Betty “BBA” Broderick-Allen
  • Alice Krige as Nancy Johnson
  • Patrick Gibson as Steve Winchell / “Patrick Gibson”
  • Brendan Meyer as Jesse Mills
  • Brandon Perea as Alfonso “French” Sosa
  • Ian Alexander as Buck Vu and Michelle Vu
  • Jason Isaacs as Hunter Aloysius “Hap” Percy / Dr. Percy / “Jason Isaacs”
  • Kingsley Ben-Adir as Karim Washington
  • Will Brill as Scott Brown
  • Sharon Van Etten as Rachel DeGrasso
  • Paz Vega as Renata Duarte
  • Chloe Levine as Angie

The OA Season 2 Ending

Karim Washington (Kingsley Ben Adir) had to figure out what the hallucinogenic allure of the spooky edifice was after it was disclosed in Chapter Seven: Nina Azarova. Upon reaching the rose glass atop the structure, the dogged detective Karim discovered a gateway to another world. In a second, I’ll elaborate.

Curious Dr. Hunter Aloysius “Hap” Percy (Jason Isaacs) thought he had made a monumental discovery at the same moment. He’d figured out how to implement the Five Movements into a cube-shaped structure, allowing it to carry people to new dimensions. He thought he might win Prairie back by showing her his finding, but he was disappointed to find out it was fake.

Buck Vu (Ian Alexander), Alfonso “French” Sosa (Brandon Perea), Steve Winchall (Patrick Gibson), Elizabeth “Betty” Broderick-Allen (Phyllis Smith), and Rachel (Sharon Van Etten) from Season 1 are all working together to bring Prairie back to their world, even if Homer (Emory Cohen) isn’t there to help.

The OA Season 3 Plot

The second season is now available everywhere. Even the most dedicated fans were left guessing as to what would happen in Season 2. Therefore, the direction of Season 3 of The OA is uncertain. Since Prairie has learned that she, Dr. Hap, and Homer are a “cosmic family,” she will likely never stop attempting to beat him while also traveling with him and Homer.

There appears to be some sort of connection or reference between all three worlds we’ve visited thus far, including the meta-Brit Marling, the actress reality from the closing chapter, so these will likely be the places of significance they always return to.

Showrunner Ben Adir was recently quoted as saying to the media, “I know where it’s going in the upcoming season, and it’s NUTS!” It’s inconceivable, man. Genuinely! It’s crazy, and I’m not even trying to sell it! … You believe it’s going one way, but it keeps going another!

The OA Season 3 Trailer

Due to the show’s cancellation, there has been no promotion for Season 3 of The OA. As a result, those interested in reminiscing about Season 1 of The OA can do so by watching the trailer for Season 2 below.

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