Man with a Plan Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Man with a Plan is a family comedy about a traditional contractor named Adam Burns who struggles to maintain a healthy work-life balance after his housewife, Andi, decides to return to the workforce. It shows Adam’s efforts to adapt as he’s expected to drop his chill demeanor and take on additional parental responsibilities for their three rambunctious children. The comedic sitcom, developed by Jackie and Jeff Filgo, made its debut on October 24, 2016.

Man with a Plan Season 5

At the time of its debut, numerous critics panned the script for being overly familiar, with some even paraphrasing Matt LeBlanc’s iconic line from “Friends”: “Why, God, why?” Audiences, however, loved the show and gave People’s Choice Award winner Matt LeBlanc high marks for his charming performance and the show’s quirky humor. The show has maintained a solid fan base and solid ratings throughout its four seasons. In fact, Season 4 had a 17% increase in total viewers compared to Season 3.

CBS opted to pull the plug after four seasons, despite the show’s generally positive reception. You probably have questions like, “Why was it canceled?” and “Will there be a Season 5 of ‘Man with a Plan’?” Okay, then, let’s find out.

Man with a Plan Season 5 Renewal Status

I’m afraid not. CBS has decided not to order a fifth season of Man With a Plan. There are four seasons in total, as we’ve said. The premiere of the 22-episode first season occurred on October 24, 2016. On November 13, 2017, season 2’s 21 episodes were made available to the public. The last season, consisting of 13 episodes, premiered on April 2, 2020. Seasons 3 and 4 followed on February 4, 2019, and February 4, 2019, respectively.

There is a sizable audience waiting for the fifth season to find out what happens next. However, fans were taken aback when the fifth episode was canceled before the fourth season had even premiered.

It’s terrible that the series, “Man with a Plan,” had to be discontinued after garnering so much interest from fans. A possible explanation for the show’s discontinuation is a dramatic drop in viewership between the final and previous seasons.

No one from the cast or crew has commented on why the show was canceled, so we don’t know what caused it. It was also said that the series was supposed to continue for several seasons before it was abruptly canceled.

Man with a Plan Season 5 Release Date

The Man with a Plan TV show has been officially canceled by CBS. Man with a Plan will end after Season 4. There is no guarantee that CBS has even thought about the upcoming season. Season 5 has not yet been announced or planned as of October 2023.

Man with a Plan Story

Adam Burns, a traditional father, steps up to the plate to help raise his three active kids (Kate, Teddy, and Emme) when Andi goes back to work. Adam has a lot on his plate between dealing with his controlling father, Joe, and his brother, Don, who he works with to operate a contract business. The show takes place in a fictional suburb of Pittsburgh.

Man with a Plan Cast

  • Matt LeBlanc as Adam Burns
  • Liza Snyder as Andi Burns
  • Grace Kaufman as Kate Burns
  • Hala Finley as Emme Burns
  • Matthew McCann as Teddy Burns
  • Jessica Chaffin as Marie Faldonado
  • Matt Cook as Lowell Franklin
  • Diana-Maria Riva as Alicia Rodriguez
  • Kevin Nealon as Don Burns
  • Stacy Keach as Joe Burns
  • Kali Rocha as Marcy Burns
  • Swoosie Kurtz as Beverly Burns
  • Christine Woods as Lisa McCaffrey
  • Sherri Shepherd as Joy
  • Tim Meadows as Rudy
  • Ron Funches as Funchy
  • Jessica St. Clair as Kelly

Man with a Plan Season 4 Recap

Adam was determined to do something special for Andy on their 20th wedding anniversary, as seen in the season four finale. So Adam asked Lowell to figure out what kind of music Andi enjoys listening to. However, Andy influenced Lowell to do what she wanted. Meanwhile, Adam was making preparations to take Andy on a recreation of their RV honeymoon. But he didn’t know that Andy actually hated the vacation.

However, we later found out that Adam had grander plans for his wife than just a weekend in an RV. Adam utilized the trailer as a distraction because he was confident she wasn’t going to like it. After a long journey through the bush, he surprised Andi by taking her to the resort she had always longed to visit.

Man with a Plan Season 5 Trailer

Due to the show’s five consecutive cancellations, there has been no official trailer issued. See below for the previous season’s trailer.

Where to watch Man with a Plan?

All four seasons of Man With a Plan may be streamed for free on both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. All of the episodes can be viewed online.

Man with a Plan Age Rating

Man with a Plan has been given a TV-PG rating, indicating that it may not be appropriate for younger viewers. A lot of grown-ups would want to check it out with their kids in tow. Parental discretion is advised due to the following possible content in addition to the program’s subject matter: suggestive speech, infrequent coarse language, some sexual scenes, or moderate violence.

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