How to register in the Cl @ ve de Hacienda system and carry out procedures online without DNIe or digital certificate

There are more and more procedures that we can carry out without going to an administration office. The only thing that separates us from being able to carry them out is, beyond the means such as a computer or the internet, the identification. Not everyone has an electronic ID reader or a digital certificate.

Luckily for everyone Cl @ ve exists. A system designed to unify and simplify the electronic access of citizens to public services, regardless of the administration to which they are addressed: state, regional or local.

The Cl @ ve system allows us to identify ourselves to public administrations and carry out procedures without the need for a digital certificate or DNIe

The objective of the Cl @ ve system is that Anyone can be identified by means of certain credentials, basically a username and a password or PIN code, without having to resort to other more complex types of identification. Although, I must take it into account, the electronic DNI and electronic certificates are complementary to this system.

How to register in the Cl @ ve system

Request Permanent Key Work Life

To use the Cl @ ve system of the Government of Spain, also known as Electronic Identity for Administrations, the first thing we must do is register and for this we have three ways:

  • In person at a Registry Office
  • Online with electronic certificate or DNIe
  • Online without electronic certificate or DNIe

To do so using the last option, it will be necessary to go to the Electronic Office of the Tax Agency, access the procedure Registro Cl@ve and click on the option Register in Cl @ ve. We will have to indicate our DNI number, then the validity date of the same and click on the button Continue to thus validate the entered data.

If the information is correct, in the next window we will be informed that to register in the Cl @ ve system An invitation letter is necessary and can be sent to our fiscal address, that is, the one that appears in the Tax Agency and we can find, for example, in our income statement. For the letter to be processed, we will simply click on the button Yes.

Csv In The Letter

Example of invitation letter to the Cl @ ave system with the Secure Verification Code indicated in red. / Tax agency

When we receive the invitation letter after a few days, we will have to locate the call Secure Verification Code or CSV, access the option again Register in Cl @ ve and then we can select the option I already have an invitation letter. In the next step we will enter the CSV and press Continue. Then, once the data has been validated, we will have to enter our mobile phone number and email address. After providing this information and accepting the conditions, we will be registered.

To follow the registration method with DNIe or digital certificate we will have to access the procedure Register in Cl @ ve with electronic certificate or DNI, enter the data requested and proceed to digital identification.

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How to use the Cl @ ve system and obtain the Cl @ ve PIN and the permanent Cl @ ve

Office 620822 1280

Once registered and registered in the system, we can access two types of password. We have in the first place the Cl@ve PIN, is of a temporary nature and is obtained by SMS or through a mobile application available for Android and iOS every time we want to carry out a procedure, or a Permanent Cl @ ve, which, as its name suggests, is durable over time.

To obtain the Cl @ ve PIN simply, when carrying out a procedure, we will select the identification option through the Cl @ ve PIN system, generally indicated as Use the Cl @ ve PIN App to obtain the PIN in the case of wanting to use the application or Use the browser to obtain the PIN and receive an SMS, in the case of wanting to obtain the key by means of a text message. We will enter the data requested below and click on the button Get PIN.

When we have received it, usually within seconds, We will enter it and we will have access to the desired procedure identified with all guarantees.

In the Cl @ ve system there are two types of credentials: the Cl @ ve PIN, which is temporary and is obtained by SMS or through a mobile application, or the permanent Cl @ ve, which is durable over time, such as if it were a conventional password

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To obtain the Permanent Cl @ ve, we will have to have the activation code that was provided to us when registering. With it, we will access the user activation service, enter the requested data, the security question and click on Next.

If everything is correct, we will receive an SMS with a one-time code to enter in the corresponding field of the form. After being validated, the system It will allow us to establish the password we want, which will be our permanent Cl @ ve, as long as it complies with the minimum security characteristics required by the administration. From now on, this credential will be our way of identifying ourselves to an electronic administration service that requests them. Keep in mind that it can be changed and that if we forget it, there are recovery methods.

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