This is the company that allows you to rent mobile phones, computers or consoles and covers 90% in case they are damaged

A new iPad has come out or you want a gaming laptop to enjoy a specific game, but it only interests you for a few months. By testing the device or for a specific task. But paying its full price is too much for you. One possible solution is the one offered by Grover, a German startup that allows rent devices, paying an amount per month and allowing them to return without much complication when we no longer need them.

With its subscription hardware model, Grover is growing rapidly in users. It currently has 150,000 subscribers and they intend to triple this number by the end of the year thanks to a financing round with which, among other projects, they wish to expand to Spain.

This is how Grover device rental works. An interesting option for those who want to try or have the latest technological products, but do not want to invest so much money or seek to use it for so long. An alternative with different price levels and some requirements, but with a fairly transparent model that invites you to try it.

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Renting technological products without much complication


In Grover one can find from the Nintendo Switch for 19.90 euros per month, a 256 GB iPhone 12 Pro Max for 64.90 euros per month or a DJI Mini 2 Fly for 29.90 euros per month. The price naturally varies depending on the product, but also on the minimum rental months. If you choose more minimum months, the cost per month is lower.

For example, the Apple Watch Series 6 in aluminum costs 39.90 euros per month, with a minimum of one month. 29.90 euros with a minimum of three months, 24.90 euros a month with a minimum of six months or 19.90 euros a month if we keep it for a year. After this minimum period, we can return the device without penalties.

Iphone Payments

The most interesting thing about this company is that there are no deposits, the return is quite fast and the different price options and time periods are quite clear. Products offered by Grover are either brand new or “like new”, always previously checked by the company’s technicians in the style of reconditioned products. The company explains that it also cleans and removes any data from the returned devices.


What happens if my device is stolen or broken? In the first case, the company explains that the user must bear the total cost of the device. However, they do cover up to 90% of repair costs for technical defects, screen breakage, water damage or serious signs of use. A percentage that is reduced to 50% in the case of drones. In the event of a manufacturer technical error, Grover takes full charge.

This is damage-wise, but the regular use is covered. It is foreseeable that when certain months pass after using a device, small marks or scratches will begin to appear. In this case there will be no problems when returning it.

To represent what is normal use and what is serious damage, from Grover they show some examples in photographs of categories such as mobile phones or tablets, computers and laptops, wearables, cameras or drones.

Grover Damage

The first rental payment is made at the time of purchase, but the period of the month does not begin until the product is received. The rental is also flexible and can be extended without problems, even though we initially asked for it for less time.

In case the user is interested in keeping the device, there is the option to pay once for the remaining months of rent until completing what would be the total cost of the product.

A company that presents an interesting option for those who want to try the latest technological devices temporarily. A startup that will soon arrive in Spain and transfer the subscription models to a land where to date the sale has always been imposed.

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