IPhones will remind us to charge their battery before it’s too late to do so, according to a new patent

We are all used to having our iPhone, and in general any other device with a battery, warn us when its level is low. In most cases, however, it’s too late for us to remedy the situation. Something that Apple wants to change with proactive ads.

A prediction and warning system to keep our devices always with enough battery

The iPhone low battery warnings are there for more than just sending us a notification, they give us useful information. They invite us to activate the low-power mode and remind us that it is better to reserve the battery for priority uses before it runs out completely. Some notices that, although useful, have a lot of room for improvement according to the new patent “Smart advice to charge notification”.

A ‘low battery’ indication that is based on a fixed threshold of remaining charge is not received in time for the user to take corrective action. For example, if a user usually charges their smartphone at night, but forgets to do so on one occasion, receiving a ‘low battery’ indication just before leaving for work the next day does not leave the user time to charge their phone. before work.


The patent states that thanks to the data that the system already has on the battery it would be possible develop a “load recommendation module” that was able to warn us of the need to charge our iPhone. Just as the system currently knows our charging patterns to configure the optimized charge, in which 20% to reach 100% is entered just before we unplug our iPhone, this system would use information about the use of apps and energy for its predictions .

A system capable of calculating the hours in which we charge our iPhone and let us know if the battery charge is not going to be enough to last until the next charge.

The patent is based on the fact that our charging habits are more or less regular and takes cargo notifications one step further. Something that, without reaching the complexity of the patent, we already see in the Apple Watch that they warn us if there is less than 30% battery before we go to sleep.

If the computer system notifies a user to charge with a fixed value of 10% of charge remaining and it is determined that the user usually charges at 10:00 p.m. and now it is 10:00 p.m. and the energy storage device has currently 30% charge remaining, then the user will not receive a notification.

However, if the analysis of the current and stored charge status information indicates that the user will not reach their next high probability charge time without running out of power, the computing device may display a charging advisory notification at 10:00 PM, even if the current state of charge is higher than the fixed threshold of 10% remaining power.

In other words. Future iPhone, and other devices, will be able, according to the patent, to calculate the hours in which we charge our iPhone and warn us if, around those moments, the battery charge will not be enough to hold, depending on the use expected, until the next loading time. A system that, although it is summarized in a few words, is much more complex to implement on a day-to-day basis. Hopefully, however, we can see him soon.

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