Google on $4.99 App Subscription Bundle – Google Play Pass

Google on $4.99 App Subscription Bundle – Google Play Pass

Right now, Google is on the testing phase for the App Subscription Bundle. Cost of this bundle is about to $4.99. It is like the Cutter Neck Competition in application monthly subscription. Before one month ago in June WWDC, There apple has announced the Apple Arcade. This came is curated in the list of the game on Apple’s App Store. To access it, the user has to pay for a monthly subscription.

Google on $4.99 App Subscription Bundle
Google on $4.99 App Subscription Bundle

After Game Monthly Subscription, People are waiting for when Apple will leave the subscription. Over time google is about to launch Google Play pass in $4.99. Before some time the screenshots are revealed in which you can show up application bundle. On Official Twitter account of the Android Police, you can see Google Play Pass. Where you can get it the idea of that Google is out with the Subscription App Bundle.

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Apple Arcade vs. Google Play Pass

As compared to Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass will be going to give you a different content in the whole bundle. Apple Arcade is providing you game bundle from the app store. They provide the curated with games to their Subscriber. On another hand, Google’s Play Pass gives you Premium Musc App and Fitness Trackers into the Subscription bundle.

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Google Play Pass will provide an Exclusive service on the bundle. They are reportedly passing the grant on the applications and games such as Marvel Pinball and Stardew Valley. Here you will get app games ad-free, you don’t have to install ad blockers and all. You can unlock all in-app purchases. Also, it removes the additional fees from which google charge in-app. Associated apps are featuring in the App Subscription Bundle.

When Google’s Play Pass is on Play Store available, it will create the Alternative way of the Side-Step Cycle of the Freemium and Free to Play Game business models. Many games are included with in-app purchases tag.

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When you subscribe, Google may surprise you for adding YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, YouTube TV. Once google stated that like they are also providing premium music app, Fitness Tracker App in the Bundle. It is a scheme of the revenue generated from the subscription.

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