Samsung Galaxy S11 & S11+: A Camera-centric Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S11 & S11+: A camera-centric Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S11 & S11+ comes up with the new design feature. They will bring the latest Samsung Smart Phone with the Essential Design Changes and the next generation tech software up-gradation. Samsung Insider ICE Universe has been coming codename of the Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11+. They will make the biggest upgrade on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S11
Samsung Galaxy S11 – Image credit: TechRadar

With some codenames are come Ice Universe is coming up. S0, They have said about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is known for the ‘Da Vinci’ and Samsung Galaxy S11 codename is “Picasso” for Samsung Smartphone.

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Behind the codename, Samsung insider brings with some classy statement. Samsung Galaxy S11 is a camera-centric phone. And Picasso is the greatest painter of all time. A camera which captures the photos and it will like the painting of the Picasso. After the Upgrade process in the camera, officials have a focus on the new beginning in the camera.

Apart from camera changes, Samsung also follows the changes for the front side of the Galaxy S11. In Samsung Galaxy S11 you will get the new compact little front-camera as compare to Samsung Note 10. In Samsung Note 10 Screen is little bit shrink because of the camera. To reduce this shrink Samsung Galaxy S11 gives you a completely new design which is beyond the limitations.

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Samsung Next-Gen Technology

Let’s Talk about the new generation technology, that Samsung will provide in the next Samsung s11. For next Samsung Headset company and big head are experimenting on the Second-Generation One UI’s and Samsung Q will be integrated into Samsung S11 and S11+. Also, they are going to give you a Next Generation Ram in the Device which is not compatible with the Samsung Note 10.

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Samsung Galaxy S11 Secrets Exposed Video:

These all features are a skip in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 which will be about to release in the next year flagships. So, Fans who are likely to buy Samsung Note 10 they are likely to wait sometime and make an eye on the Samsung Galaxy S11 release.

Report on the New technology up-gradation, Camera quality, those codenames is conducted by the Samsung insider Ice Universe. They have published the report.

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