The Attack of the Giants 139, a leak reveals the title of the final chapter

After more than ten years in his company, to the great chagrin of all fans The attack of the Giants is about to come to an end. Released on April 9, chapter 139 will close the work of Hajime Isayama. Let’s find out what the last pages of the manga have in store.

One of the most popular and highly regarded franchises of the last decade is about to end. With chapter 139, out on April 9 on the pages of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, author Hajime Isayama will lead readers to give the last farewell to Eren, Mikasa and the other protagonists of the series.

Waiting for that day, however, leaks have emerged on the net that seem to anticipate what will happen. As suggested by Twitter user Ranobe Sugoi, thelast chapter of The Attack of the Giants it will be called “Towards the Three on That Hill”.

According to early fandom theories, this title seems to suggest a clamoroso plot twist. On the other hand, the series began with Eren daydreaming while he was on a tree near a hill. That the whole work is the result of a dream of the protagonist? It would definitely be an ending that has something sensational.

Before finding out if this hypothesis is true or not, here are all the leaks on Attack of the Giants 139. Apparently, the community of Attack of the Giants does not seem to be ready for the grand finale.

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