Stranger Things 3: The Game is On; It Encourages To Play and Fulfills The Worst Fears

When Stranger Things 3: The Game went on sale last July 4. It coincides with the premiere of the third season. I wanted to buy it, but its price pushed me back. (on PS4 there was a launch error when it stood at 29.99 euros. While in the other systems it was between 16.79 and 19.99 euros). It did not look like it was a good game, but one of them.

Strange Things 3 The Video Game
Strange Things 3 The Video Game

Hence, now, being free with Twitch Prime, I had the perfect opportunity to quench my curiosity. You should check firsthand if it was a game that wanted to take advantage of only the pull of one of the fashion series.

It seems that lately there is an unwritten law. That any adaptation of a series or movie on duty by a humble studio has to be done with pixelated graphics. This is far from being a problem (personally, I love it). It can be a double-edged sword if it is not done well apart from being a deterrent to a certain sector of the public.

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With The Mummy Demastered, It was a complete joy. With Stranger Things 3: The Game, the resemblance to certain characters is totally anecdotal. Its isometric universe is a lack of details and repetitive patterns. Patterns that extend to the landfill missions so typical of the blandest adventures.

One of his few points in favor is to have the universe of the Duffer brothers series. The series is with a good template of protagonists to unlock. Each with their own attacks and skills, which allow us to access different parts of all Hawkins.

To this, we must add that we carry two people at all times, which we can exchange at pleasure. So those that are incorporated later, you can replace them with those that are. A mode slightly similar to that of Crossing Souls, for example, where we changed hot.

The problem with Stranger Things 3: The Game is that it fails to tell its story. It is an excessive run over and with brushstrokes of the third season. There are scenes that are accelerated or omitted, which does not play in its favor.

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With that pixelated aesthetic devoid of emotions is compared to other indies. He did know how to exquisitely take care of that aspect, such as Celeste. Everything here is too primitive.

I was surprised, in turn, to discover that vandalism spirit is the protagonists to be able to destroy. With all kinds of blows and attacks, a good part of the environment, from food to cabinets, hedges, washing machines and much more. Moreover, we are urged to do it in search of money and objects with which we can make things later.

And what about fighting? Expected, too. Nor does he stand out in this section when he makes a timid use of a hint of Quick-Time Events in a game with the soul of beat ’em up. Shun the macha-cab tones force us in some way to control the pulsation of each attack to be effective. At least the partners help with a basic attack or movement commands, which is useful.

In short, a license that has not been taken advantage of that wanted to get cut erroneously. The premiere of the third season of the series is good. Luckily its soundtrack is intact and now the video game is free. Although the latter will be temporary for only one month.

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