What Time Does CVS Pharmacy Open?

What Time Does CVS Pharmacy Open:

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CVS pharmacy inside view of the old CVS pharmacy, west palm beach, Florida.

Last week, I stepped into the new CVS location in Ireland, Ohio, and thought back to my early twenties when I worked at a Kroger grocery store in Columbus, Ohio (not too far from this location).

The moment you walk in, it’s like walking into 1960.

old school…1960.

it’s clean, though…and organized indeed…the layout is very similar to that of an old-style grocery store with the center aisle featuring many household goods like laundry detergent and toothpaste while filling your basket along the outer perimeter with food items.

There is a pharmacy at the far end of the store, and as always with CVS, there were many people inside.

as I made my way up and down those aisles, I didn’t see anything that jumped out at me as “must-have now” items…a lot of cereals and snacks I’ve seen before and wouldn’t consider buying (and will never buy)…but there was this:

it’s nice to know that even in the time we live in right now where we are constantly bombarded with instant gratification – we can still find pleasure in things like this – it’s like saving something for later…somehow making your day last longer by having to go home and look it again.

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CVS pharmacy near me locations:- CVS stock price:- CVS pharmacy locations near me open now:-

CVS pharmacy wireless:- CVS pharmacy hours Sunday 10/23/2016:- the next step was the checkout.

One cashier, one register (at least that’s what it looked like)…sure enough, there was a line of 5 people ahead of me…so I pulled up and started to wait.

After about 4 minutes, it was my turn.

I finished paying for everything and grabbed my bags off the countertop while thanking the cashier, who asked me if I enjoyed shopping at this location. I said yes and walked towards the door while looking down one last to take in all I had seen.

I’m not sure what it is about CVS, but they know how to evoke a feeling of nostalgia in their customers – whether it’s through the layout of their stores or the products that they sell.

Whatever it is, it’s working, and as long as they can keep it up, I have a feeling they will continue to be one of the most successful pharmacies around.

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