Next Horror Direction Under The Conjuring James Wan

Next Horror Direction Under The Conjuring’s James Wan

According to the latest sources, James wan comes back with another horror genre movie. Actually, James Wan loves the horror genre, movies such as ‘The Conjuring’ and ‘Saw’ makes him the great as a filmmaker. There is no affection on Hollywood Entertainment world due to Democratic Presidential Debates. Movies still get the place on the floor. Wan has joined them with a new secret horror movie.


For the new line, James Wan had already directed Aquaman, He will also going to be part of the Aquaman 2. Among all these things he comes with the new untitled secret horror genre film. But before he starts work on this secret, He will like to complete DC Comics Aquaman 2.

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In horror cinema, He kept all things under the wrap. Media calling with a variety of statement. Also, he is collaborating with “The Conjuring, also add with “The Curse of La Llorona” and “Lights Out” these are his upcoming movies. Also, the Director will turn out to be a producer with “Mortal Combat”

Secret Horror Movie, James Wan and Ingrid Bisu are Man who has the story. Later, ‘Aquaman’ Director will become a producer. Movies will rise under the Atomic Monster Banner. Micheal Clear is Man of the Banner.

All things are going smooth after story. Concern about the scriptwriter. They have still not found any scriptwriter for next Horror Genre Movie. According to the sources, Wan and Bisu likely to approach familiar scriptwriter. Who works with them in the previous horror movie project.

In Recent Interview, Wan Said that He wants to start the Shoot in the last quarter of 2019. And then he will put the movie in the Pre-production phase, which will be going to be held in next year.

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Distribution rights and Financial support for next horror, Sponsors cum financer we can say, Starlight Media and Midas Innovation is behind the Movie. They have already retained the distribution rights for the China Market.

For now, Nobody knows the plot yet. Wan and Bisu are the storytellers. Then he will find the scriptwriter. Parallel work, the shooting of Aquaman 2 and Scripting process of the new secret horror.

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