PS4 Tournament By Sony, Here Is The Details

PS4 Tournament By Sony, Here Is The Details

Great news for gamers, who are champion or likely to be champion in the eSports. Sony is coming up with the PS4 Tournament. They are about to organize all tournaments which is compatible with the Play Station 4. So, it is for PS4 owners.


Sony names “Challenger Series” for upcoming PS4 tournament and it is the for all PS4 Players. For online game-winner, for every season they are providing you to Cash Prizes and lots of gifts.

They declared the first tournament, and it will start from tomorrow, yes on 6th August. The “PS4 Tournament: Challenger Series ” will start with the famous Mortal Kombat 11. They have decided to split the game in some certain weeks. They run One game as a one season, and it runs for a few weeks. These seasons are split into several stages, these stages are decided to who will be continuing his journey.

Challenger Series Fixture

First, Mortal Kombat 11 is split into four stages and so, those who won three out of four stages they are allowed to continue their journey for upcoming seasons. In Next Stage, they have to face with some advance level difficulties. They will have to compete with more skillful opponents. At there point as a player you have to beat those highly skilled gamers to reach next 3rd level.  Next, the final stage will become phenomenal. Best contents are there who are deserving to be a champion but it will decide the play.

Further, they have announced the line up of the game which is compatible in PS4. A game such as FIFA 20, and Battlefield V and Warface are the following season for PS4 Tournament: Challenger Series.

The official blog post of the Sony Interactive Entertainment’s, Vice President Steven Roberts is said about the PS4 Tournament.

Sony Experts said that it is a network service for generating more revenue in the current year. While console Owner of PlayStation Plus memberships is allowed in the game participation.

Here Player has a huge opportunity to recall their gaming experience with Sony and in return get the reward for the same.

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