Fortnite Party Royal Witch VICE US: 'Movies are more fun than in the cinema!'

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The new initiative launched by Epic Games with Fortnite Notte Cinema has garnered the praise of the US editorial staff of according to the journalists of the well-known information portal, watching movies in the Royal Fortnite Party is more fun than watching them in the cinema.

Following on from the latest activity that featured Fortnite and Christopher Nolan's films, the editors of VICE US explained that "Inception is even better when you can use a grappling hook, throw tomatoes on the giant screen and silence the audience in the room".

The examination of and the "virtual correspondent" Matthew Gault continues illustrating the experience lived in the Fortnite Party Royal size to tell that "When I watched Inception, the screen was clear, the video stream was constant and the audio was never blocked. At first the crowd was a little turbulent, but then it started to calm down as the film went on. Surprisingly, it almost seemed to witness the opening night of a Marvel film, it was a journey through the budding metaverse of Fortnite which demonstrated how a video game is able to replicate the collective experience of an activity such as going to the cinema ".

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And you, what do you think of Epic's initiative with the opening of Fortnite to the cinema and to activities such as those of the recent concerts of Diplo, Young Thug and Noah Cyrus in Fortnite? Please let us know with a comment and if you had attended a Fortnite Night Cinema event or Royal Party, tell us what experiences you have had in Fortnite's rapidly expanding metaverse.

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