Beginner-Level Vape Tricks to Stun Your Pals!

Vaping in itself is a lot of fun, but being able to do tricks with vapor takes the experience to a whole new level. However, when you’re new to vaping, doing a successful trick that will impress those around you seems impossible.

Luckily, that’s not true in all cases. There are plenty of tricks you can master quickly and easily, even if you’ve just started vaping.

Read through our selection of 7 beginner-friendly vaping tricks below and start learning them as you go!

1.    Smoke Rings

Smoke rings have always been the go-to party trick for smoking enthusiasts. Lately, this obsession has also translated to vapers! This trick requires you to make O-shaped smoke rings from the vapors you exhale. You can find e-cigs online on Provape that can produce the right type and amount of vapor for the trick to work.

To successfully execute the trick, you need to inhale deeply and keep the vapor at the back of your throat. Your tongue needs to be at the bottom of your mouth and towards the back of the throat.

After that comes the key step: make an ‘O’ shape with your lips and exhale with quick and short movements of the throat. The O-shaped lips combined with the short exhales will result in beautifully-shaped smoke rings.

2.    Ghost

The Ghost is a very popular trick in the vaping community, the end result being a ghost-like ball of vapor. The key to a successful ghost is the inhale; you need to go for a mouth hit instead of a lung hit. What this means is that you have to keep the vapor in your mouth when you take a hit instead of letting it travel to your lungs.

The next thing to do is breathe out the vapor but mind this: don’t exhale; just let it out.

When you’re breathing out the vapor, you want to get a vapor ‘ball,’ and you can do this by opening your mouth in an ‘O’ position. Then, push out the vapor with the help of your tongue and breathe it back in immediately. Try to produce a bigger vapor ball for a more striking Ghost effect.

3.    Tornado

To make a successful ‘Tornado,’ you’ll need two simple tools – a paper towel roll or any type of tube and a flat surface. You’ll need to take a long and hard inhale and slowly blow it through the tube onto the flat surface. Pay attention to the vapor stream; you want a long, even stream flowing through the tube.

Once the vapors have set on the surface, place your hand in the center of the vapor cloud and start twirling quickly. Slowly move your hand upwards as you twirl to get the desired tornado effect. It should last a while, so sit back and enjoy your creation.

4.    French Inhale

The French Inhale trick, sometimes called ‘Irish Waterfall,’ creates the illusion of an upward waterfall flowing from your mouth and into your nose. But before you exhale this stream, you need to take a mouth hit and keep a good amount of vapor in your mouth.

To help you keep the vapors in your mouth after you inhale, move your tongue toward the back of your mouth after you take the hit.

The key to this trick is opening your mouth in the right manner. So, slightly open the mouth and extend your lower jaw and lip to allow the vapor to move upwards when you exhale.

The last thing you need to do is inhale the vapors into your nose right after you release them through the mouth. And there you have it – a successful French Inhale!

5.    Bane

Once you’ve mastered the French Inhale, you can move on to the Bane trick. This is quite similar to the French Inhale, although some say it looks even cooler. Once again, you need to take a mouth hit and keep the dense vapors in your mouth without letting the vapor reach your lungs.

However, the real trick is the exhale; you need to slightly open your mouth to allow the stream of vapor to move upwards. But you also need to use your teeth when doing this trick; the teeth serve as a barrier so the vapor can move through the gaps and emerge slowly, creating the so-called ‘Bane effect’.

6.    Dragon

Mastering the Dragon requires some trial and error, as it is slightly more complicated than the other tricks on this list. To do this trick, you need to exhale vapor through your nose and out of both ends of your mouth – much like a dragon.

As this trick requires larger vapor streams, you need to take a really long inhale. Purse your lips tightly, leaving the corners just a little loose, and proceed to let out the vapor. Let the vapor flow from the corners of your mouth and from both your nostrils.

Don’t blow too hard when exhaling; you’re aiming for clouds of vapor, not even streams. The vapor clouds surrounding your face will make you look like a dragon. Cool, right?

7.    Liquid Mist

When you’re on the lookout for a vape party trick, the iquid Mist is a great choice. To do this trick, you need a glass with a drink inside, easily found at a party. The trick will only work if the drink is cold (it doesn’t work with hot drinks), and it’s best if you’re using a wide glass.

Once the glass is half full, take a hit from your vape, touch the rim of the glass with your lips, and slowly exhale the vapor over the drink. The vapor will float above the drink, making it look like a magic mist.

Final Words

Vaping looks cool – in fact, way cooler than smoking. But if you’re looking to impress someone, you should learn a few tricks and make vaping look not just cool, but irresistible.

Remember that learning tricks might take time and involve trial and error. Still, once you master them, you’ll be the vape specialist everywhere you go!

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