Benefits of Vaping Versus Smoking

Benefits of Vaping Versus Smoking

vaping is much safer than smoking because even the best electronic cigarettes produce NO smoke. Meanwhile, there are approximately 4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, with 70 being carcinogenic (cancer-causing) and hundreds more poisonous.

Some of these chemicals are also absorbed by secondhand smokers, while others are released into the air where they linger long after the cigarette has been extinguished.

When you vape, besides containing no tobacco or carbon monoxide, there are no flame hazards associated with traditional cigarettes since most e-cigarettes use a battery to heat nicotine without combustion. This lack of fire danger makes vaping safe for both users and innocent bystanders alike.

Smokers who switch to vaping not only reduce their risk of contracting cancer but also decrease their chances of suffering from lung diseases, heart disease, and other related illnesses.

A majority of smokers who switch to vaping report that they have better breathing capacity after only two months of vaping versus smoking. Many users have also reported that smoking cessation symptoms are greatly reduced or even eliminated by vaping as opposed to using the nicotine gum or patch. These symptoms include nausea, insomnia, irritability, stress, difficulty concentrating, depression, fatigue, and more.

As far as your wallet is concerned, vaping will save you money. The average price of a pack of cigarettes in the United States is around 10 dollars. That amounts to roughly one dollar per day for 20 cigarettes.

A starter kit for vape pens costs between 30 and 50 dollars, with each replacement cartridge costing approximately 15 cents after the initial investment has been made. Vaporizers are also much cheaper than other smoking cessation tools on the market today.

Smokers who switch to vaping can still keep their hands busy by picking up an e-cigarette device that looks like a traditional cigarette or cigar, which means they have to constantly be aware of where it’s being stored so others cannot mistake it for the real thing.

However, vape pens are designed to be much larger than cigarettes and cigars, usually twice the size of a traditional cigarette or cigar. This makes it easier for vape pen users to conceal their devices when they’re not in use.

Why do people vape:

The first thing you need to know about vaping is that it’s a solution.

Vaping is a way for smokers who wish to quit smoking cigarettes and find it difficult to do so by going cold turkey or using traditional NRTs such as patches, chewing gum, inhalators, etc can stop smoking more easily.

This is because there are many different methods of vaping and the experience will be unique for each individual person depending on what they vape with and how they vape.

Short term effects of vaping:

The flavor is enhanced in both taste and smell.

The throat hit (Throat Hit) when inhaling vapor gives the feeling of smoking without actually lighting up a cigarette.

Exhaling releases more flavor than exhaling smoke, allowing vapers to get better flavors from their ejuice since they’re not clouding it with smoke.

The longer you vape, the less likely you are to want to go back to smoking because vaping offers an overall more satisfying experience that cigarettes cannot offer. Cigarettes deliver very little flavor while vaping can enhance your ability to pick out subtle notes in your ejuice which helps stimulate the tasting buds on your tongue along with being more pleasant on the palette. Longer vaping sessions can leave you with a feeling of being satisfied and not needing to smoke for a while.

The longer you vape, the better you feel because many vapers report having more energy after quitting smoking which gives them the motivation to continue vaping.

Feeling healthier both physically and mentally as your body gets used to not having all those toxins from cigarettes anymore.

When you vape, cravings are reduced or go away completely even if it’s only temporary. If a craving comes back, simply take another puff until it goes away again or uses an ejuice that contains nicotine in higher concentrations since the throat hit will give the craving satisfaction without actually lighting up a cigarette

Many people who have quit smoking cigarettes and using vaping devices have found that their skin has improved, they’re sleeping better at night, they can take in more oxygen, and they don’t wake up feeling lethargic anymore.

Long term effects of vaping:

Increased sense of taste and smell – When you quit smoking, your senses adjust to what you put inside your body so whatever you eat or drink will be enhanced. The same thing happens when you start vaping because the flavors in ejuice are much more noticeable than with cigarette smoke which covers up most flavor profiles.

Food can also taste different after stopping smoking because tobacco leaves a dulled-down version of the food’s true flavor profile since it blocks some parts of your tongue from tasting things accurately while leaving other parts of your tongue to detect these flavors.

The same thing goes for smell as cigarettes have a suffocating effect on the nasal passage where it blocks smells from being detected so nothing can smell very strong. When you start vaping, those blocked parts of your nose will open up again and allow the world to smell the way it’s supposed to which is why vapers tend to notice their sense of smell and taste improve overtime after they quit smoking.

10 benefits of vaping:

1. It’s cheaper to vape than smoke cigarettes.

2. Vaping can reduce your cravings for nicotine over time if not completely stop them altogether which helps you quit smoking even if it takes longer than with other methods.

3. Quitting smoking is good for the wallet since vaping is an investment that will eventually pay off because you’ll have fewer medical bills, more money in your pocket, etc.

4. There are many different types of e-juices with different flavors to keep things interesting and enjoyable now that you’re vaping instead of smoking cigarettes.

5. The smell left on clothes, hair, skin, etc will fade away over time as your body adjusts to being without tobacco smoke ruining everything around you unless you go around vaping indoors which isn’t good for anyone.

6. Vaping can help you quit smoking by helping to satisfy your cravings and the sensation of having something in your mouth which cigarettes offer.

7. There are plenty of benefits such as a better sense of taste and smell, reduction or absence of cravings, improved ability to breathe easier, fewer medical bills, more money in your pocket, etc.

that come along with quitting smoking and switching to vaping for a healthier lifestyle overall especially if you take up vaping afterward instead of going back to smoking cigarettes again.

8. The sound level drops significantly when vaping from being very loud from smoke blowing out from a cigarette down to simply exhaling air from the vaporizer’s atomizer.

9. Cigarettes are expensive while vaping is an investment that will pay off in the long run since you’ll be saving money by vaping; eventually, all of your e-juices and hardware purchases will cost less than your average carton or two of cigarettes which has helped many people quit smoking for good after switching to vaping.

10. With vape juice flavors like bacon, bubble gum, banana bread, blueberry muffins, cotton candy; there’s no reason why the transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping won’t be enjoyable with all these possibilities available instead of cigarettes constantly leaving a stale taste in your mouth every time you light one up like they’re trying to compete with each other when both methods can peacefully coexist without being compared to each other or one being higher than the other in terms of which is better.

Side effects of vaping:

1. The only side effects that vapers have to deal with are a sore throat, coughing, and feeling lightheaded for a few minutes until the body adjusts to vaping which is better for your health than smoking cigarettes considering all of the respiratory problems brought on by cigarette smoke as well as the risk of lung cancer from burning tobacco leaves.

2. There aren’t any known long term side effects of vaping since e-liquid doesn’t include any chemicals besides nicotine which isn’t harmful in small doses but has been known to cause slight issues when ingested in large volumes so it’s best to use nicotine responsibly if you’re going to vape after quitting smoking.

3. Vaping is overall better than smoking cigarettes so people who switch completely will see some benefits to their health, cost savings, etc.

4. There are some side effects but they don’t last long since vaping has helped people quit smoking by satisfying cravings with delicious flavors and devices that deliver nicotine efficiently for less money than cigarettes do.

5. The only side effect of vaping is a sore throat if it’s your first time trying an e-cigarette after quitting cigarettes where aerosolized propylene glycol can sometimes cause minor irritation in the throat like dry mouth does sometimes which will pass faster than you might expect compared to smoking regular cigarettes which lingers for hours or days at worst if you keep smoking them every day without taking any breaks; especially when combined with constant exposure to second-hand smoke (which isn’t healthy for anyone but isn’t as bad compared to smoking yourself).

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