Jessica Simpson Reaction Will Surprise You When Amy Schumer Make Fun of Her 100 lbs Weight-Loss

Amy Schumer literally took a light shot which directly hit the 39-year-old American Singer “Jessica Simpson”. It happened after Jessica Simpson revealed that she had a weight loss of 100-lbs after she got a Baby.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

Amy Schumer, now 38, who recently gave birth to her first child with husband Chris Fischer in May. She posts a photo of herself in a Bathing Suit on a Beach with a Poking Caption which pointed Jessica Simpson.

Amy wrote joking that Ok Simpson, She has lost 10 Pounds and $100 while playing Poker with her Sister.

Jessica Simpson also gave birth to her 6-months-old baby girl Birdie Mae in May. She recently posted a photo on her Instagram which describes that she lost as much as 100 lbs weight after pregnancy.

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Jessica’s Trainer did give a considerable amount of credit to her. She is dedicated to a more holistic lifestyle when her body transforms quickly after Baby.

Jessica said that even when she feels like it is impossible to do, then also she chooses to work hard. Through her Instagram post, she claims that After so many years she feels like herself again.

The main thing that she describes is that there is a difference seen in her body when she started exercising. Also, She feels like she did not own her body for a decade. She feels so much Positive energy right now. So She wants to focus it on living a healthy lifestyle.

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Meanwhile, Amy took a totally different approach to her life on Instagram. She has posted some photos of her in the Hospital Gowns in the toilets. Some with Carrying her Baby while she was Wearing Only A Bra, Sneakers, and Hospital Undies.

Followed by Apology for She captioned the photo with Hospital Undies as, “Five Week, Hospital Underwears for Life”. She was referring to the time when her baby was born.

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