Kimetsu no Yaiba: Can you name these 5 supporting characters?

The anime shonen Kimetsu no Yaiba It is usually filled to the brim with supporting characters, making them important friends to our protagonists or even obstacles to overcome.

Yes OK Demon Slayer It may only have one season under its belt so far, it has already featured a host of interesting supporting characters for fans to fall in love with.

To celebrate those supporting characters, The Truth News shares with you a trivia quiz that tests your memory as we ask you to name even the darkest characters that the show Kimetsu no Yaiba has featured so far.

So get ready to see if you can name these 5 secondary characters Demon Slayer (answers at the end). And if you like this questionnaire, remember that other of our articles share with you from curiosities that you should know, cosplay tributes and the latest updates on the series of Kohoyaru Gotouge.

1 – The older brother kidnapped at Drum House

The older brother who later rescues Tanjiro
  • a) Shoichi
  • b) Kiyoshi
  • c) Oiski
  • d) Teruko

2 – A well-known udon peddler

Street vendor of udon who lives with the Kamado brothers
  • a) Gen
  • b) Toyo
  • c) Shin
  • d) Ozaki

3 – Member of the cleaning crew

A member of the cleaning squad who rescues Tanjiro Kamado
  • a) Temple
  • b) Naho
  • c) Narrate
  • d) Goto

4 – The Demon in Infinity Castle

It is only seen briefly at the Infinity Castle playing the Biwa
  • a) Susamaru
  • b) Obanai
  • c) Labibe
  • d) Nakime

5 – The polite old woman who harbors Demon Slayers

A short old woman who houses Inosuke, Tanjiro and Zenitsu

a) Hisa

b) Kyogi

c) Ikuko

d) Kimetsu

Where to see the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba?

The hit studio show Ufotable is available on Crunchyroll’s platform Funimation and most recently on Netflix. The anime has several subtitles and dubbing options that allow you to enjoy the Tanjiro Kamado universe from anywhere in the world.

Likewise, fans can read Kimetsu no Yaiba’s manga on VIZ Media’s official site, Shonen Jump, and Shueisha’s MANGA Plus app. Demon Slayer’s success continues to set new box office records with its first anime film adapting the Mugen Train arc.

  • Respuestas: 1 (b), 2 (b), 3 (d), 4 (d), 5 (a)

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