Angelina Jolie Has a “Twin Sister” Or She Is Almost Unidentical Like Two Drops of Water

Angelina Jolie Has a “Twin Sister” Or She Is Almost Unidentical Like Two Drops of Water. Melissa Baizen, Angelina Jolie’s Twin is asked for the autographs and even asked about Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie Has a Twin Sister
Angelina Jolie Has a Twin Sister

The famous Angelina Jolie did have a double in the United States. A 37-year-old woman in Wisconsin has so much resemblance to the Hollywood actress. So that she can be her sister too.

According to the Tribune, Melissa Baizen make people confuse with the renowned actress. The Girl did Interrupt a film that the real Angelina starred in came to the big screen in 1999.

So the strangers ask her for photographs. She receives looks from people when Melissa is in the supermarket. In any store to make a purchase or when she goes to school to pick the children, People get confusion.

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The reactions may vary. Some just stare at me. Some whisper to who is with them. While others say ‘wow, you look a lot like Angelina Jolie. She also received some comments like: ‘Where is Brad?

Some people simply believe that I look familiar. But they don’t know why. Melissa Baizen took advantage of her great resemblance to Angelina Jolie. So she works as a double professional for the protagonist of “Maleficent” through a site called Cameo.

I have never acted or modeled officially. When I was younger, Some ask me to model an album of the local band for the cover. They also ask me for a photoshoot but I really did not have the opportunity to do so. Recently they asked me to join the Cameo as Angelina Jolie’s double and I’ve been having a little fun with that, “Melissa said.

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In social networks, especially on Instagram, Melissa has gained so many followers. They tell her in each photograph her admiration for the great resemblance that she has with Jolie. But not everything looks like is pink, Baizen also has heaters that criticize her at every opportunity. The young woman chose to ignore them and does not allow comments to affect her.

Melissa does not have great ambitions about becoming a famous actress like Angelina Jolie. She says that she is happy with the life she has, working in an optician’s office in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Meanwhile taking care of the children and occasionally the videos in which she takes advantage of her resemblance to the former Brad Pitt.

If anything, maybe A local opportunities to do ‘Maleficent’ cosplay for events would be so fun. We’ll see” Says Jolie’s Twin, Melissa.

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