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After many months waiting for the AirTags, this product finally became a reality in yesterday’s keynote. A keynote in which we also saw the launch of the new iMac in seven colors and the iPad Pro. There are many new features of the AirTag that were not even mentioned in the presentationLet’s see all its details.

Battery duration

One of the most important questions regarding these new accessories is the battery life, should we charge them very often? Well, it turns out not. AirTags are powered by a CR2032-type battery which, according to Apple, offers “more than a year in duration”.

Changing the device’s battery is also really easy, just press the rear cover down, turn it slightly and we can now access the battery compartment to replace it.


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Another important point is the water resistance of these small devices. Apple claims that AirTags have IP67 resistance. This means that they could immerse up to one meter for 30 minutes and come out of the experience unscathed.

In this field, it is convenient that we bear in mind that, as Apple states in the explanation of the product, this resistance is not a permanent condition and may decrease with time and normal use of the device. In any case, we also know that Apple is usually extremely conservative with the resistance of its devices.

Apple accessories

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Along with the AirTags, Apple has presented a series of accessories so that these small devices fit on any key ring, suitcase, etc. On the one hand we find the AirTag strap, made of polyurethane and available in white, deep navy, sunflower and electric orange. An accessory that we can buy at Apple for 35 euros.

On the other hand, we find the leather straps for the AirTag, available in caramel brown and Product (RED) for 45 euros. Moving on to keychains, Apple offers us the leather key ring for AirTag. With a price of 39 euros this accessory is available in Baltic blue, caramel brown and product (RED).

Third Party Accessories

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Along with these options we find various Hermès accessories, from the bag charm, to the keychain, passing through the luggage. Some accessories that range between 299 euros and 449 euros. All of them available in various colors on the Apple website.

Belkin also offers accessories for AirTags, in this case we find a protector with strap that for 13.95 euros it is available in white, black, blue and pink. Again for 13.95 euros and with the same four colors as an option, we find the keychain variant.

Precision localization

Airtag Precision Finding

Beyond being able to locate our AirTags on a map, these small devices, thanks to the U1 chip, offer us a precision location where the iPhone combines the signal of the AirTag, accelerometers, cameras and other sensors to guide us with precision to the object we are looking for.

To enjoy this precision we need an iPhone that has U1 chip, i.e. an iPhone 11 or an iPhone 12. Thanks to the two chips, the system offers us a very visual indication of the direction to follow, including haptic and audible feedback to help us easily locate the AirTag.


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As with all its products, Apple prioritizes privacy throughout the product design and conception process. AirTags therefore enjoy the maximum protections of our privacy.

The Bluetooth signal identifiers transmitted by the AirTag are frequently rotated to prevent unwanted location tracking. IOS devices can also detect an AirTag that is not with its owner, and notify the user if an unknown AirTag is seen traveling with it from one place to another over time.

And even if users do not have an iOS device, an AirTag separated from its owner for a long period of time will make a sound when moved to draw attention to it. If a user detects an unknown AirTag, they can touch it with their iPhone or NFC-capable device and the instructions will guide them to deactivate the unknown AirTag.

Findings by third parties

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AirTags have an NFC chip that is capable of communicating information. The idea is that if a person finds a lost object and it contains an AirTag, the contact information can be read by any iPhone or Android as long as the device is in lost mode.

Touch and hold the top of your NFC-capable iPhone or smartphone to the white side of the AirTag. Touch the notification that appears. A website will open that provides information about the AirTag, including its serial number.

If the owner marked it as lost, you may see a message with information on how to contact the owner. You can contact the owner to let them know that you have found your AirTag. You can view a Lost Mode message on any NFC-capable smartphone, such as an iPhone or Android phone.

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It is clear that AirTags are a round product in many ways. Labels that with an impressive battery life allow us to precisely locate any item that has been lost. Do it knowing that our privacy is safe and do it with style thanks to the accessories already available and those to come.

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