Attack on Titan: Chapter 9 – Review

Attack on Titan: Chapter 9 – Review.

This review on Shingeki no kyojin: The Final Season contains spoilers. If you have not seen the chapter, we recommend you do it and then go back to read the review.

Attack on Titan Chapter 9: Volunteers

3 years ago, something could be done when they captured the ship where Jelena was with Zeke’s other followers, who provided information about Marley to the Eldians of Paradis. They brought news and a proposal from Zeke, which should serve to free all Eldians.

Given the concern of some and the mistrust of others, it is accepted to collaborate. After capturing two more ships and having improved weapons, the dialogue receded more every day, and discrimination against the captured Marleyenses continued to be felt until the present.

The streets within the walls celebrate the victory. At the same time, Zeke is transported to his luxurious hotel, and Jelena is captured along with her companions for the lack of trust on the part of the Eldians towards their leader. With all this, one thing is exact: there is no longer a peaceful solution.

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Chapter opinion:

I felt the chapter very short and with little information; some details are revealed, but nothing is out of the expectations.

I would say that the most surprising thing was the friendly relationship that was created between certain Eldians from Paradis and from Marleyenses, especially Nicolo’s, which is the most paradigmatic case.

I feel that everything they showed could have been done in less time, and I imagine several things were not put on. We must take it as a transitional chapter, although it has had better ones. And this brings me to: there are only 7 chapters left, can it be reached well? It worries me.

3 years ago:

Armin says that if things had been different three years ago, everything could have changed. Although it is somewhat ambiguous when saying this, what things must have been other? The meeting with Jelena? That is what is shown, so presumably, that is what must have been different. But you should no longer regret, now you should only look to the future.

A good part of the chapter takes place in that time, three years ago, where we can see Sasha alive again and see the one who was interested in her, Nicolo, a captured Marleyense who began to feel good in Paradis because he was treated better, or so to understand. Hange is always excited about new things, and Levi just as curmudgeonly.

Jelena and the Marleyenses:

Jelena is the tall soldier who introduced herself to us several chapters ago but without knowing her. Now we know how he joined Paradis. It seems that Zeke managed to gather a group of dissatisfied people who felt despised and did not want to fight for Marley but forced them.

This has really happened. To give an example that some may remember: in the movie Saving Private Ryan, at the landing scene, some “German” soldiers surrender but are killed by American soldiers.

What happens? Those soldiers turned out to be Poles and what they said was something like: Don’t shoot, we are not Germans, they forced us to fight. And obviously, any plan that can give them freedom will take it because one of the abstractions for which man has fought the most is freedom.

It cannot be said that Jelena’s group is all from Marleyenses; some of them are, and they could really sympathize with Paradis, although perhaps others are just hoping to return home. But what is clear is that this small group was vital for the plan to go well.

Zeke’s plan

This remains an enigma. We know the goal: to free Eldia. We know how much we know what has already happened, having the founding titan and a real blood titan. But all the medium is missing.

What is Zeke really planning? This character raises more questions than answers, as it seems that he went to Paradis Island to obtain the founding titan, but for Marley or his own ends? Zeke was presented to us as a Marleyense to admire, pointing to his father as a traitor.

If raising doubts was the intention of the Isayama, well, he succeeded and made the grayscale grow without becoming too black or white. What are you hiding from us, Titan Beast?

Breaking points:

The final part of the chapter left with points of no return. Paradis’s first declaration of victory is that Zeke says that not knowing is terrifying; this is a good example of mass manipulation since it seems that it cannot be taken as a victory.

The other thing is what Commander Pixis does with Jelena and what happens with Zeke because mistrust is well earned, and they cannot leave him alone because they do not know what he is really planning.

And the last thing is what Armin tells Annie that there is no longer a peaceful solution. These do not save points, but backtracking points is no longer possible or no other explanation. Who expresses it best is Armin, who thought there was another way, but who has realized that no longer, violence will have to solve this.

To see something else, we must wait for the next chapter. On the other hand, what is Eren planning? He is also an enigma, and May whoever should win-win. Stay tuned for the next update.

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