Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson On Their Masked Run To Pet Store For Their Pooch!!

During the coronavirus pandemic, almost everyone is isolating at home to stay safe from the deadly threat. But there are many things that one should take care of amid the lockdown. Whether it is a celebrity or a citizen, everyone needs to do several essential things such as caring for their loved ones or pets. Alike can be seen with the popular singer Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Cody Simpson.

Miley Cyrus Spotted With Cody Simpson

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson were surely seen outside of a pet store in Los Angeles, California on Sunday. Several pet stores fall in the category an essential business and so it has the allowance to stay open. The couple was to purchase some essential things for their beautiful pooch. They were seen to be loading things from the pet store to the car such as dog bowl, dog bed, and other essential supplies.

Even though the couple, Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Cody Simpson were out on a casual thing, they were rocking it. Miley Cyrus, 27, did cover her face with a black and red mask that looks like red juicy lips smiling. It was not as if she did not know that the media will snap her to make a story. Miley was rocking it with her blonde dyed hair being tied up in a neat little bun with clips holding them.

The wrecking ball songbird was surely looking gorgeous even when she did not choose anything shiny to wear. She just wears a black T-shirt that did say “Portrait” on the front and a visual print on the back. It seems like Miley Cyrus is really caring about every little need of her pet and loved ones. So she is out shopping for her pooch amid the quarantine days.

Most people along with the celebrities are hoping for the deadly threat of Coronavirus to be over soon. Everyone has their own plans to do many things as soon as everything is back to normal.

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