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The British superhero comedy tv show Extraordinary was created by Emma Moran. Jen, the main character of the series, never acquires power in a world where everyone acquires power at the age of 18. She’s waiting for hers even though she turns 25 this year. Jen embarks on her journey to identify her potential superpower with little more than a tremendous lot of desperation and a tiny amount of hope.

If you like superheroes, you should absolutely watch this series. “Extraordinary” will be the third Disney+ UK Original series to premiere on the platform, after the docuseries “Save Our Squad with David Beckham,” which is already streaming, and the rom-com action thriller “Wedding Season.”


On January 25, 2023, the brand-new program will debut on the streaming platform with all episodes accessible online.

In the universe of Extraordinary, everyone save for Jen acquires a power on their 18th birthday, according to a teaser: “Everyone, that is, except for Jen. She will be 25 this year and is still waiting for hers. She doesn’t even care what it may be—super speed? laser vision? the capacity to consistently insert in a USB device correctly? She accepts it.

Consider a civilization in which all people had superhuman talents. Observing cats go shopping or, much better, causing another accident as they stroll along the street. Now picture what you wouldn’t notice if you didn’t have any skills. Yes, it’s depressing.

The next television show, Extraordinary, is focused on a very similar idea and follows the lives of Jen, a young teenager who discovers she may never be given special powers.

The series was commissioned by Disney a year ago, and the protracted wait is already paying dividends. The new series, which was created by Emma Moran, will air on Disney starting on January 25. Here is everything we know about the next season.

Extraordinary Storyline

The comedy was written by Emma Moran, and it takes place in London a decade ago, when every adult was given a superpower. However, Irish-born Jen hasn’t yet discovered her skill, so she sets off on a frantic search for it. Will she ever come to terms with the fact that being “ordinary” is just great as she attempts to navigate the difficulties of dating and working at a party shop?

“It’s about a 25-year-old lady who, regrettably, is a late bloomer in the world of superpowers and is attempting to discover herself. It encourages individuals to accept their ordinary selves! Jen’s primary actress, Máiréad Tyers, talks to What To Watch.

“Jen is relatable, so I believe you’ll fall in love with her. She invests her efforts in attempting to discover her superpower since she believes she is weak. However, there are other aspects of her life that she is ignoring.

Extraordinary Cast

The cast of the program consists mostly of younger actors. Jen is portrayed by Irish actress Máiréad Tyers (who also starred in Belfast), while Carrie’s closest friend is played by Sofia Oxenham, a former Poldark cast member.

The co-creator of the 2022 play For A Palestinian, Bilal Hasna, plays Carrie’s lover Kash, Jen’s mother Mary is portrayed by Siobhán McSweeney (as Sister Michael from Derry Girls), and Jen’s stepfather is portrayed by Robbie McGee from Snatch. Safia Oakley-Green from Sherwood and Ned Porteous from EastEnders complete the cast.

Luke Rollason, a physical comedian, performs the role of Jizzlord the cat. If you’re wondering, “How can a cat be a physical comedian after all? That’s a really long name for a cat,” stop. To understand how that one works, you’ll simply have to see the program.

Sally Woodward Gentle, Lee Morris, and Charles Dawson are the show’s executive producers for Sid Gentle Films, the BAFTA, Golden Globe, Emmy, and Peabody Award-winning production firm that brought you Killing Eve. Charlie Palmer is the show’s producer, while Disney+ vice president of scripted programming Johanna Devereaux is the executive producer.

Extraordinary Trailer

The trailer opens with Jen going to a job interview, when, to her shame, she quickly embarks on an unrestrained spree of unasked-for personal details after submitting her CV. She is comforted, however, when her interviewer explains that everything occurred as a result of her own strength.

The interviewer says, “I notice you haven’t put your power down on here,” after taking a look at the résumé. Jen says, blushing, “That’s because I don’t have one yet.” It takes place in a universe where, with the exception of Jen, everyone turns 18 with a superpower. Jen is 25 years old, and sadly, there is no power in sight. She doesn’t care what it is; all that matters is that she has one with that she won’t always feel alone amid everyone else.

She is trapped in a profession she despises and has trouble finding a suitable partner, but at least she has Carrie (Sofia Oxenham) as a support system. Right now, nothing is really working for her. Even 18-year-olds’ birthday celebrations are off limits since they “against all odds” acquire abilities and make Jen feel even worse.

Jen starts her path to finding her strength while juggling friendships and love interests with a male who can fly. This will allow her to adapt to a world where even a cat is more strong than she is. Tough. However, maybe her lack of power is what gives her strength.

Extraordinary  Release date

Disney Plus will release all eight episodes of Extraordinary at once starting on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

Where can I watch Extraordinary?

The program will be accessible on Hulu and Disney+ (in the United States).

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