Attack on Titan 4×10 Review: good arguments are no longer needed

Good arguments. Sometimes, in war and politics, “only” good arguments are needed to turn the situation in one’s favor. Diplomacy and oratory can often resolve the most sensitive issues. But what happens when prejudice and discrimination cloud the motives of others? And when inside you carry all the disgust and hatred of entire generations, how can you ever react?

The last story arc de The attack of the Giants he is telling us this: why is it not possible to find peace with words? Why are dialogue and mutual tolerance absolutely not viable? Because the rules of politics and war have neither winners nor losers, they are neither right nor wrong: the only thing that counts is to fight to assert one’s supremacy. And this Eren Jaeger, from the cold of his own cell, he now knows better than anyone else. He got it. He had to figure it out.


The tenth episode of Attack of the Giants 4 continues to oscillate between present and past. An insecure and delicately unstable present: back from Marley, the Scouts have locked the protagonist in prison, guilty of having led the offensive in the district of Liberio, contravening the orders of his own people, and forcing the army of Paradis to follow him on a suicide mission that resulted in the death of numerous units , including the poor Sasha. In the darkness of his cell, Eren’s icy gaze gazes at his reflection in the mirror, the dim light of his niche flashing through his merciless and bloodshot eyes, his sculpted and grown physique that craves only the next battle. He repeats to himself: “Fight. Fight“, because by now he knows that there is nothing more to do. But how did it get to that point? In the phase following the siege of Marley, the anime of MAP study he took a step back, telling us what happened in the four years preceding the clash that we saw taking place in the streets of the Liberio neighborhood.

In the review of Attack of the Giants 4×09 we met the Volunteers and started to explore what happened after the events of Season 3. Now, instead, we begin to grasp some further details on the situation that finally led Eren to desert: the initial plan foresaw that, thanks to the mediation between Zeke and the nation of Hizuru (which we discover to be related to the family Ackermann, here are some more details on the origins of Mikasa), the forces of Paradis would have had the scientific and economic resources to advance at the same technological level as the enemy nations.

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The good arguments

In exchange for the help, the leaders of Hizuru asked, disguising themselves behind sly diplomatic requests, that the tradition of the Giants of Paradis continue: that the Founding Giant was passed down through the generations of the royal family, and that the current Eldian queen (The story of Reiss) became the next Giant Beast at the end of Zeke Jaeger’s vital mandate.

It is clear that, not being able to accept all this from the beginning, the young Eren began to plot behind his own people: but how he went from taking precautions against his precious companions to using them in battle to get revenge on Marley, it is a dramatic evolution that we have yet to fully discover. As well as the sensational pregnancy of Historia, who apparently exploited a young peasant to get pregnant and avoid the rite of passage to become a Giant, or at least delay it. What is the link between Historia and Eren, who (according to Hangie) wished to protect the queen and former companion in the Recognition Army at all costs? And who is really the father of the baby of the late Christa?

Towards the final battle, or maybe not?

In short, even this week in just 23 minutes (about) of episodes MAPPA has effectively condensed a disproportionate amount of material. Fortunately, the episode, as well as the previous one, did not seem “rushato” in the least, far from it: the animation staff travels, on a production level, with about three chapters adapted for each episode, and we are really happy to see that so far the work remains of excellent quality. Once again we are talking about an episode almost devoid of action, but equally well packaged in terms of design and rhythm. By now well over half of what we suspect is a first “cour”, or perhaps a very long background to a final film to close the saga in the best possible way, we can be sure that MAPPA will not be able to transpose the entire manga until the end of the Season Finale, which currently has 16 episodes in total. We will see how, in the next 6 weeks, the staff will manage the very delicate adaptation of the final arc of the Isayama-sensei manga: by then the original work will also come to an end, and we will see what other surprises the franchise will reserve for us.


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