Apple Tells Court: Fortnite Removal is Epic Games’ Own Fault

About Fortnite Game

Fortnite is a video game that is developed by the Epic Games (An American video game developer and software developer and publisher company) in 2017. This game is available on play station 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox one, Android-iOS, Microsoft windows, etc. That means that these games can be played by the gamer on any of the above platforms. Fortnite is a cooperative shooting survival game. The game can be played by four players. The epic game has its headquarter in Potomac, Maryland.

About Controversy

Recently, Apple removes the Fortnite game in the apple store. According to the Apple company, the Epic game is not following the rules of the iOS App Store. Here one question can arise that, should US court reinstate the Fortnite back on the iOS App Store?

If we talk about the Apple company then the answer to this question will be negative. On Friday the Apple company told the whole matter about the Fortnite game getting removed issue to the US court. In the Apple company statement, they mentioned that the fault behind this removal of the game is on the Epic Games itself.  In the court argument, the company said that Epic games requesting the judge to temporarily reinstate the game in the iOS app store until the conflict between the company receive a verdict from the court.

Apple company arguments in the court that the dispute can be solved if the Epic game will follow the iOS App store rules. However. the Epic game is trying to do the things illegally. In other words, they are trying to cheat the system. Epic company is now demanding the relief from the court and Apple company itself but they know that the problem created because of them only.

How did Controversy begin?

Before a Few, Apple headquarters decides that to remove the Fortnite from the iOS App Store.  Apple is doing so because the Epic games provide the Fortnite player a direct payment system in the game. The Epic games applying the direct payment method to the player to contradict apple’s rules of the iOS app store.

The rules say that if you want to do the payment then you can do payment only thorough the apple’s in-app payment system. However, apple’s in-app payment system charges commission between 20% to 30%.

The Epic is demanding from the court to reinstate the Fortnite game. But the apple warns that if it will be allowed by the court then the whole system of the iOS app store will be disrupted. If one of the iOS developers will be allowed then 1.7 million other iOS developers will also break the rules. Then it will harmful to the ecosystem of the iOS app store.

Doing arguments in favor of the apple company, the company said in a court filing that If the Epic game company will be allowed to do so then other developers also can break the rules that are made with the apple.

The Epic company claimed to the apple company that apple has a monopoly over the app distribution of the iOS app store. Apple replays with denial and said that iOS is only software and it also provides a gaming platform for Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and Google.

Apple shows the email that is sent to the Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney to let them know about changing the rules to the iOS app store. However, Sweeney requested apple to allow them or provide other payment options. When apple denied the request from the Epic game CEO Sweeney then Sweeney declared that Epic is discontinuing the agreement with the apples’ policy and practices.

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