Odyssey on Google Play in search of the strangest games

One of the things I like the most about application stores is that, for each top application, there are 300 that, in short, lead you to ask yourself questions. It is the example of Poop Map, Cat Thing, Hold it, The Last Hit, Nothing, Useless or Reiki Charger. Seriously, take a moment to navigate to the depths of Google Play and you will find things that nobody has seen.

The fact is that every Saturday they let me in Engadget talk about my moves and, this time, I would like to share with you three great masterpieces of the mobile video game genre. I speak of course of ‘spider rope man hero: Miami screw town’, ‘Gorilla Smash City Attack Prison Escape Game’ and ‘flying police robot rope city hero’. I apologize in advance.

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I don’t know what i’m playing at

We started with ‘Spider Rope Hero Man: Miami Screw Town’. It is a game with more than five million installs, which weighs 103 MB and has a 4.5 star rating based on feedback from 22,744 users. According to your file, It is found in the “Weather” category. It can not be that bad and less if we take a look at the screenshots that accompany the Google Play file. For sample, a button:

Catches Be careful, the game is coming.

Its description is full of great quotes like “spider rope hero 2021”, “in this 3D robot game, your mission is to save innocent citizens of your beloved city of Vegas Vice and stop the gangsters of the city that they are involved in many criminal cases “and” different high-tech vehicles such as police cars, ambulances, sports motorcycles, army tanks and military helicopters are also available. ” I mean, it doesn’t look bad.

As DiCaprio would say in ‘Django Unchained’, “Gentlemen, you already had my curiosity, now you have my attention.” Between those screenshots and that description, at least we are before a great game that you laugh from ‘The Witcher 3’. Well, I leave you with a fabulous gameplay so that you can enjoy it for yourselves. It has no waste, really.

The game is a rare mix between a Spiderman who has spent months in the gym, ‘GTA’ for the Game Boy, and excellent scenario modeling. It is nothing more than regular and, well, between what is shown in the screenshots (which is not very promising either) and what we really play there is a huge jump. GOTY candidate, I have no proof and no doubts. A pity that it has micropayments worth up to 40 euros to customize our “flash hero using many things”, although it is worth it just for being able to use the laser weapon.

We continue with ‘Gorilla Smash City Attack Prison Escape Game’, another masterpiece of the genre that critics have not treated as it deserves. This game has a score close to five stars based on 10,237 ratings. Have more than 100,000 installations, it weighs 68 MB and, this yes, is in the category “Action”.

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Developed by Black Pyramid 3D Games Studios, creators of great titles such as ‘Food Trucks Driving Simulator Games’, ‘flying robot bike transforming bat games’ and ‘Cyber ​​truck ramp car extreme stunts GT’, a game whose cover car is not at all a Tesla Cybertruck, ‘Gorilla Smash City Attack Prison Escape Game’ proposes a epic adventure in which we will have to help a gorilla escape from jail, because that is what gorillas do. The captures already point ways:

Screenshots 2 Uffff, pintón.

Among the main features of the game we have “amazing sound effects and optimized graphics”, “crazy gorilla rampage shooting enemies to attack the city” and “Combat fighting, hand combat, horse shooting and horse riding missions“Look, what do I know, if this isn’t a great 10/10 game on Metacritic, I don’t know what could be. The gameplay is exceptional:

As we can see, the game is spectacular. Not only can we control a gorilla capable of running at tremendous speed, hold sticks and hit security guards that appear completely spontaneously, but we can enjoy exceptional graphics, intuitive controls and a combat system worth studying. Anyway, if it’s not GOTY, it stays close.

And it comes close because it has a very serious competitor, ‘Rope City Hero Flying Police Robot’, an action title with over 10 million installs and a rating above four stars. The premise of the game is simple: “Play flying police robot rope hero: gangster crime city and get ready for superhero rescue mission“. Is it clear? It is clear. We continue with his captures.

Catches GOTY is coming.

The game has been developed by Falcon Gamerz, to which we have other great games like ‘angry elephant city wild animal games’, ‘flying ambulance robot car a robot game’ and ‘Futuristic robot bike games bike robot hero’. His captures already let us see that we are facing a fast-paced action game and survival. This, however, is his most important achievement.

Among the most important features of this game we find a “great fighting robot with high quality animations”, “Extra ordinary superhero and rope superhero” and “superhero games also contain flying hero robot movement“(Of course, of course). I don’t know, Xatakeros, I think it deserves a little touch. I leave you the introduction and the gameplay.

The game shines on its own. Its graphics, worthy of PS5, surprise for good. In the game we play a robot / spiderman / biker who has a weapon from the future with a surprisingly high amount of ammunition, a motorcycle that appears out of nowhere and some Exquisite dialogue with even more exquisite dubbing. A 10/10 game.

And so far the selection of top games this week. Three most affordable, fun and proven options the potential Unreal Engine has in the right hands. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and see you next week. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go with ‘Horror Horror Sponge Clown Scary Granny’, which also looks great.

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