Tesla’s Cheetah Stance vs Model S Trim the Taycan Turbo S

Tesla’s Cheetah Stance vs Model S Trim the Taycan Turbo S

Tesla’s Cheetah Stance and Taycan Turbo S model both are the two fastest electric hypercars. Telsa’s S model also known as the P100D and the Taycan Turbo S both are popular as drag race cars. According to the source, the Youtube channel releases the drag race between Tesla’s Cheetah Stance as in the “Cheetah” model against the Taycan Turbo S. However, the very previous battle of these two electric vehicles is different. Taycan’s model was unable to cross over the battle against Telsa’s model.

But, recent battle drag races show that the Taycan Turbo S model cross over Tesla’s Cheetah from 0.01 seconds. The Taycan Turbo S model takes 10.3 seconds where the other side the against car Telsa’s Cheetah takes 10.4 seconds. So the Taycan Turbo S model celebrates its victory against Telsa’s Cheetah.

The cause of the winning drag battle is, Taycan’s Turbo S model had stood with a double electric motor. So it can be able to generate the around 825 horsepower to 956 horsepower. Where the Telsa’s Cheetah model can generate only 796 horsepower as compared to the Taycan Turbo.

The Taycan Turbo S pickup capability is 130 mph in 10.5 seconds, whereas the Tesla’s Cheetah can able to produce 60 mph in 11 to 12 seconds. So, it is obvious to observe that the Taycan Turbo generates almost double torque cap[acity as compared to Telsa’s Cheetah model.

In the video, we can able to see that, the pickup capacity of these two hypercars is almost equally at very starting points. But as we have seen later the Taycan has an almost double torque. The turn of torque is 0 to 60 times in just 2.4 seconds. Whereas Tesla’s Cheetah model is comparatively fewer torque times, so this hypercar has low speed as compared to opposite Tyacan Turbo S.


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