International Pricing Details For “Mulan” Has Been Revealed On Disney Plus

Fans and followers will be happy to know that Disney did uncover the international pricing details for “Mulan”. It is indeed at its lower price point around about $29.99 for US audiences.

“Mulan” is surely one of the highly anticipated live-action remakes of all time. The studio did reveal earlier this month that it will bow only on the Disney Plus on 4 September 2020. This international pricing is also being made available on the UK platform. The pricing for the subscribers is around £19.99, which is roughly around $26.

The trailer of this live-action remake movie is amazing and exciting. A search for this exciting film on connected TVs will make sure to show the heartwarming trailer. It will encourage the users and viewers to quickly add this interesting movie on the watchlist. Also, there are more chances for the viewers to check the pricing details on the online description. Most people can also check the pricing tag through the mobile app in which the international pricing list is clearly available.

International Pricing List For “Mulan” Is Out Now!!

The pricing may seem like a little bit lower than the £23 most Britons. Disney also did mention to charge $29.99 for downloading “Mulan” per ‘Premium Access’. It is also made clear that the price listing in the US will be around $29.99. While the price may vary in other countries for this amazing and exciting movie. Now, it appears that Disney did set up a rough $26 price tag so that it will get benefits from the Disney Plus users.

It might be of some interest for you to know that the “Mulan Info” page is currently active for most countries. While it is yet to be active in India and you will be directed to Disney Plus Hotstar page when doing so. The platform has not teased the 2020 film trailer yet in India unlike other countries such as the US. But it is sure that Disney Plus will charge significantly less for “Mulan” in India which will be around $20.

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