A Romantic Beautiful Anthology for Amazon Prime Viewers “Modern Love”

Amazon’s commitment to its own production television series is gradually increasing. Both in quantity and ambition are going high behind each project. It seems clear that it will be the highly anticipated adaptation of ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

Modern Love
Modern Love

It will mark a before and after for the platform. But the launch of titles like ‘The Boys’ makes it clear that they have come to stay. They also want a piece of the much bigger cake.

Its great premiere of this month of October 2019. It is going to be ‘Modern Love’ , a romantic anthology that offers a different vision of love today with each episode. In Espinof we have already had the opportunity to see the first full season of this series written and directed by John Carney.

John Carney until now had focused his career on the big screen with tapes like ‘Once’ or ‘Begin Again’. In his first television experience, he offers us a close and endearing work of those romantic works that when you finish watching them you feel comforted.


The first fear of any proposal of these characteristics is that there will be great ups and downs of interest from one episode to another. Changing the stage and characters completely seems inevitable. But Carney knows how to handle each story to breathe on its own and complement each other. It is clear that everyone will have their favorite. But also that there are no notable differences between them in terms of interest.

His main weapon for this is to address each one of the stories as naturally as possible, even when the attitude of his characters can be shocking. I was a little dislocated by the rapid proximity established between Catherine Keener and Dev Patel or either one of them.

For this, it has a reliable material in the form of a weekly column of The New York Times. So it is clear that it has proceeded to select the stories that best fit together. Therefore not to give the feeling of repeating itself.

That’s where ‘Modern Love’ shines especially because the easiest thing would be to have offered us a succession of stories. That is focused on romantic love to better reach the audience segment especially interested in them.

Netflix has recently shown that romantic comedies are still a very good welcome – but it is not the case. It is yes, from a couple that has just begun to love another to which the routine has made a dent. But also for the love related to the arrival of a baby or because someone reminds you very much of your father without any kind of feeling sexual in between.

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In addition, Carney also gives a different tone to each story. But even with the rest, it sometimes focusing more on the emotional side. Sometimes highlighting the eccentric situation or letting the dramatic come to the forefront without requiring unnecessary excesses.

All are different, thus justifying the creation of an anthology. In addition, one feels that they could perfectly tell you more stories with other characters. Here everything is more or less closed. Returning with them seems an unnecessary risk to lose their charm. So if you decide to move on with another season, It will delight my life.

What should be clear is that the charm that manages to print Carney to ‘Modern Love’ starts from more than a vision. It does not exactly seek to convey a sense of reality. But to capture a closeness that resembles what one might want if it were your day today. So That applies to both the most optimistic stories and those with a more marked dramatic component.

The icing on the cake is a splendid cast full of familiar faces. That Faces initially serves as a claim to get us into each of the stories. Then they adapt perfectly to what Carney requires of them, perhaps highlighting the work of Anne Hathaway. For the difficulty of knowing how to show both sides of her character getting that naturalness that ‘Modern Love’ seeks at all times.

‘Modern Love’ is not the definitive romantic anthology, but it is a balanced proposal with charm and in each episode you will fly away. Following the pattern of good scripts, a director with clear ideas and a Talented Cast never fails.

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