“Lucifer” Season 5 Episode 3: The Title Reveals Exclusive Details

The authors of Lucifer have posted on Twitter a photo of the first page of the script of the episode 5×03. It will be entitled ‘Diablo’ in Spanish. In the tweet, the authors with the fans alluding to the possibility of “a new name” or that of a trip to Mexico.

lucifer season 5
Lucifer season 5

Indeed, it would be a plausible hypothesis, considering that Los Angeles is not so far from the border. Tijuana, traffic permitting is just over two hours away by car.

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However, Many fans have other theories. It hypothesizes that one of the Spanish-speaking characters in the series – Dan Espinoza or Ella Lopez discovers Lucifer’s secret in the episode. Thus upsetting the dynamics of the plot and unleashing a series of potential events is so exciting.

Dan Espinoza, played by Kevin Alejandro is a detective as well as the former husband of Chloe. While Ella is the young medical examiner of his police department. There are many fans who in the comments hope that it is she who will discover the truth.

The @Volta1228 user writes “Maybe Dan or Ella will find out the truth about Lucifer?” , @WickedShadowzHP replies: “Please, let it be Ella!”


@MeowMXR, for his part, comments: “Oh my God, oh my God, she will find out! Season 5 promises to be fantastic!”

@ AZookiex3 instead writes: “I am 100% ready for an episode in which she learns the truth, she is shocked for exactly a second and then gives Lucifer the biggest hug ever.”
If the third episode of the final season seems to indicate this kind of hypothesis. So the title of Lucifer’s episode 5×02 alludes to Beetlejuice. Although Netflix has announced the closing of the series, singer Kelly Clarkson would like to see more Lucifer seasons.

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