Zerocalare: To the dead Santa, BAO publishing announces the new comic

Once again Zerocalcare is ready to amaze its audience with a one-of-a-kind volume that tells us about its vision of Christmas, all in one single color work.

After showing us with his unique style the experience of quarantine with the episodes of Zerocalcare: Rebibbia Quarantine, and Zerocalcare at the grip with phase 2, the Roman cartoonist is ready to amaze us again.

This time we will be presented with the “truth” of Christmas from the point of view of Zerocalare through the pages of “To dead Santa – a Christmas story”. The announcement was made directly by BAO Publishing through its facebook page. The volume is described as a “hybrid of picture book, investigative dossier and comic” and it will be entirely colored from the hand of Alberto Madrigal.

The story that will be told will show a different aspect of the Christmas holidays where the elves will no longer be just Santa’s magical helpers but workers grappling with the biggest delivery of the year. There will also be space for the Befana and its “elderly raiders”.

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The publisher warns us, read this book only if you too want to have a reason to be sad on the happiest day of the year. The volume will be available starting from November 12th in both print and digital versions for a total of 80 pages.

Are you ready to find out the truth about Christmas?


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