Secret Playlist Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Secret Playlist Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Fans have loved everything since the latest musical romance K-drama Secret List premiered on TVING on November 18, 2023. Following the conclusion of Season 1, many people are eagerly anticipating the return of the drama for a second season.

You’re curious, like many other fans, about whether Secret Playlist will have a second season. Complete this post. College student Han Joo, 24, plays Plii in Secret Playlist. Plii is a social networking star who sings original songs.

Members of the boy-group S.E.Z., Do Sook, want to work in Plii or go solo. They were both enrolled in a comparable college class with Do Gook as well as Han Joo. Their first step toward success is this.

There will soon be new episodes to the popular Korean tv show Secret Playlist. Fans truly look forward to the first episode of the new season. This season’s Secret Playlist is another music love story that K-drama fans are sure to enjoy.

The eight-part series Secret Playlist was based on the comics “Secret Playlist” through 2F. This young adult musical drama will be shown from roughly November 18, 2023, with November 9, 2023.

Secret Playlist Season 2 : release date

We are currently adapting the webcomic Secret Playlist through a Korean drama also named Secret Playlist. Even though nothing official has been said about the follow-up season at this point it might come out around November 2024. However, these are only rumors. Fans are going to have to remain patient for real news.

Secret Playlist Season 2 : Cast

  • Kim Hyang Gi/Song Han Ju
  • Shin Hyun Seung/Lee Do Guk
  • Yeon Oh Lee Mak/Chun
  • Kang Sung Yun/Han Ju’s mother
  • Yang Dong Geun/Han Ju’s father
  • Joo In Young/Ji Yoon’s mother
  • Oh Kyu Taek/Ji Yoon’s father
  • Cha Bo Sung/Choi Sung Tae

Secret Playlist Season 2 : Trailer release

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a trailer to Secret Mixtape season 2 as the producers of the series have not yet released one. Hulu does have the trailer over Season 1, though.

Secret Playlist Season 2 : Storyline

A college student named Song Han Joo is having a hard time finding work. “Secret Playlist” focuses on him as well as Lee Do Gook, an established K-pop star to the band S.E.Z. When Han Joo covers songs on YouTube, she hides her true identity behind the name “Plii.”

This is her second life. Do Gook, on the contrary hand, is thrilled by Plii’s musical skills and wants to work with her on an undertaking. When it comes to light that Han Joo as well as Do Gook went to the same college, things get interesting. It gets more tense: can Han Joo keep Do Gook in finding out whose she truly is, or will he?

Lee Do Gook is a famous K-pop artist to the band S.E.Z. and Song Han Joo is an ordinary college student whose is having trouble finding work. Though Han Joo seems to be working very hard to find work, she actually keeps something from everyone.

She uses the SNS name “Plii” to cover songs because she wants to be a singer. No one knows her real name. She also makes music videos on YouTube. Then again, Do Gook’s deal is almost over. He’s a well-known male idol of the big group S.E.Z.

Due to the fact that he is opposed to working on his forthcoming tasks by himself, Do Gook would like to collaborate on a project with Plii. At the identical time, Han Joo tries to keep everyone guessing who she is, and Do Gook continues to search for the person whose voice Plii is.

It turned to be that Hana Joo as well as Do Gook were attending the same college, so fate had other plans. Are you sure Gook can figure off who Han Joo is? Can he forgive her?

We told you what has occurred so far, but we are unable to inform you what will happen in the end as the drama continues to go on. In previous installments, Han Joo appears to be having a hard time with life and trying very hard to get a job.

Inside her home, she shares music videos in Tube under the username “Plii.” A well-known K-pop male star with the group S.E.Z., he goes by the stage handle Levi. His name is androgynous.

There is something that happened with Han Joo’s mother and music in the past that keeps her family from knowing about her music life. One of Levi’s bosses, his brother, makes him become an actor. Levi truly loves music, but not many people like the way he sings, so the business wants them to start acting.

Ellie and Han Joo both attend the identical college. While walking, Han Joo accidentally steps upon Levi’s headphones and tells himself she will fix them. The next time Levi visits Han Joo’s office, he finds Plii’s guitar.

After breaking the headphones, Levi tells Han Joo to find the musical instrument’s owner because he doesn’t know which Han Joo is really Plii. So that Levi doesn’t know who she is, Han Joo gets a position where that she requires an idol for an upcoming project. Levi tells her he can help.

After a night of drinking, Han Joo brings Levi home and he kisses her even though he’s still drunk. Due to what happened the night before, Han Joo works very hard not to talk to Levi the following day.

She does have to make a short video concerning Levi’s music career, though. In the meantime, Levi wakes up. Because he feels bad about kissing Han Joo whilst he was drunk, he chooses to ask her to forgive him. When the next season comes out, what will happen? Will he be forgiven by Han Joo? How likely is it that Levi will discover the real Plii?

Where can you watch the show?

You can watch Secret Playlist on Hulu or TVING, which is the original over-the-top service for the show. Weekly, Secret Playlist can be seen on Disney+. 8:30 AM IST, 3:00 AM GMT, and 12:00 PM KST

Any Hulu user can look over the drama as well as stream it online. Hulu permits people reside in certain places, though. Select from various subscription plans if you haven’t got one. You may view the drama online after you do this.

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