The New Look Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The New Look Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The New Look is the name of a new, exciting show on Apple TV Plus. Some of the best actors in the world represent Christian Dior, Juliette Binoche portrays Coco Chanel, and Glenn Close serves as a famous reporter.

This show takes place in 1940, if the Nazis invaded Paris. It was a very bad year. It’s constructed around real events as well as demonstrates the way Christian Dior as well as Coco Chanel really competed in the clothing world.

With Mendelsohn as Christian Dior and Binoche as Coco Chanel, The New Look demonstrates the way Dior became an important force in the field of fashion or competed with Chanel for the top spot. The show shows how Parisian designers of clothing brought back the scene following the war and captures the mood of the city at the time.

The story is based on a significant time when Dior’s new designs brought Paris back to life. Big fashion brands such Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, as well as Chanel were all competing very hard at the time this movie was made.

Today, we’re going to tell you all that you need to understand about The New Look. By reading on, you can find out more about the series’ characters, plot, and interesting story.

The New Look Season 1 : Release Date

There will be 10 episodes of The New Look, which will begin on Apple TV Plus devices around the world on the 14th of February 2024. It will be a Valentine’s Day treat.

The New Look Season 1 : Cast

  • He played the famous Christian Dior, who came up with a proposal for the famous fashion house.
  • There is another famous fashion name in the role of Coco Chanel: Juliette Binoche.
  • You can see Maisie Williams in the movie; she plays Christina Dior’s sister.
  • Lucien Lelong is a famous person in the fashion world, and John Malkovich plays him.
  • Emily Mortimer makes Eva Colozzi real, which makes the story more intense.
  • As Hans Von Dincklage, Claes Bang brings a lot of different things to the cast.
  • The show gets a new look with Hugo Becker playing Hervé.
  • Jean Marais was a very important person in Dior’s life, and Alexis Loizon plays her.
  • A more interesting historical setting is created by Thomas Poitevin’s performance as Pierre Balmain.
  • Madame Zehnacker is played by Zabou Breitman, who makes the story seem more real.
  • Someone named Jodie, who is played from Jodie Ruth-Forest, is very important to the fashion story.
  • The picture of Yahli Cohen as an a young Christian Dior shows us how the designer grew up.
  • Carmel Snow is a crucial figure in the fashion journalism world, and Glenn Close plays her.
  • The addition of Nuno Lopes as Cristóbal Balenciaga gives the cast more depth.

The New Look appears that it will be a fun examination of the origins of fashion as well as the careers of its greats, with an especially great cast.

The New Look Season 1 : Trailer release

There’s been a trailer for The New Look on Apple TV+ for a month now. The launch date for the show was set for January 14, 2024, with the company’s Apple TV+ broadcast site.

During this biographical drama trailer, we learned to important parts of the tale without giving away the plot. It also showed us what to expect ahead of time. Things look good so far with the trailer. We now only need to wait until January 14, 2024, when The New Look comes out.

The New Look Season 1 : Storyline

An Apple TV+ show called “The New Look” is set in France under Nazi rule during World War II. Ben Mendelsohn played Christian Dior, and the story is about how quickly he became famous and how his innovative designs helped people across the world feel better.

The drama show is based on real events and demonstrates the way he terminated Chanel’s (Juliet Binoche) amazing reign and took over fashion around the world after World War II. There are also links between the stories of the designer’s many competitors, such as Pierre Cardin as well as Balmain.

Chris Dior or Coco Chanel are the real deal. Dior was born in Granville, France, in 1905, and runs a fashion house called Catholic. He worked as a tailor for Lucien Lelong before he got called up for service in the armed forces in 1942.

For Dior to stay in business during the war, Lelong along with other designers had to work hard. They had to make dresses that suited the wives for Nazi officers or French collaborators.

In 1946, he established his own dress house in the garment district of New York City. Fashion changed when he made his “New Look” line of clothing for women. It help Paris grow the fashion epicenter of the entire globe again. In October 1957, he had a heart attack and died.

In that show, you can watch on Apple TV+, Ben Mendelsohn played the famous fashion designer Christian Dior. Everyone in the world felt better when they saw his cool new clothes.

The show’s plot relies on real events. It shows how popular Dior’s clothes were after the war, almost taking the place of Coco Chanel’s (Juliette Binoche) clothes.There also exist stories about designers who tried to beat Dior, like Pierre Cardin and Balmain. It’s not just Dior, though. Pierre Balmain, Cristóbal Balenciaga, along with other well-known fashion people from that time are also talked about on the show.

We get to see their great clothes that they made while competing and working together. With the help for the House of Dior, we have the opportunity a peek at Dior’s workshop where his apparel were made.

How do I watch the show? 

The biopic show will be made available on Apple TV+ since it is an original show on that service. When the show comes out, fans will have the opportunity able enjoy the whole thing. The initial two episodes will come out on the 14th of January 2024.

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