Ruhun duymaz season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Ruhun duymaz season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

People all over the world are now watching Turkish dramas because they have interesting plots, exciting turns of events, as well as overall impressive as well as talented casts! The drama show “Ruhun Duymaz” from Turkey is an excellent instance of this.

People have been enthralled by this Turkish drama since the day the first episode aired. Ruhun Duymaz’s last episode ran on the 23rd of September 2023, or fans across the world really liked and loved it.

The first time of “Ruhun Duymaz” has the following: The show is eight episodes. Cenk Bogatur as well as Deniz Dargi wrote the scripts and Aytac Cicek directed them. The episodes are funny and dramatic at the same time.

Some of the great actors who make this show so fun are Burcu Ozberk, Sükrü Ozyildiz, as well as Tugrul Tulek. Recby and Ercan are the ones who put their vibes into the music. While the first season in Ruhun Duymaz was ending, a lot of talk about the upcoming sequel began to spread.

Will the people whose made the show work together again if it gets picked up? When does Ruhun Duymaz Season 2 come out? How many episodes can the next season for the show have? Read the whole thing to learn more concerning Ruhun Duymaz Season 2.

Ruhun duymaz season 2 : release date

This Turkish drama is about a man named Onur who works as an intelligence officer. It first aired on July 24, 2023, on FOX, a Turkish TV station. As soon as the first episode rolled out, people were interested in the show because it had a great plot and beautiful visuals. On the 23rd of September 2023, the final broadcast of Season 1 came out. This was the end in the first season.

A lot of discussion regarding Ruhun Duymaz second season has been going around since then. Around the web, people are now guessing when Season 2 of Ruhun Duymaz will be out. When is the second season of Ruhun Duymaz coming out?

The people who make Ruhun Duymaz have still not said for sure if the show has been revived for a second season. Fans can rest easy, though, because it looks like the series they love will be back on by the beginning of 2024. The story ended on a good note.

Ruhun duymaz season 2 : Cast

This show’s cast to the first season will be return for the second. It will be Burcu Ozberk, Sukuru Ozyildiz, Tugrul Tulek, as well as Asli Sumen who play the main parts. The list goes on like this:

  • As Ece Cetinel, it was Burcu Ozberk.
  • And Ozyildiz plays Onur Karasu in SukrU.
  • Togrul Tulek, whose real name is Civan Koral, here you are.
  • In that role, Asli Sümen plays Hilal Koral.
  • Selvi Koral is played by Funda Kadioglu.
  • Gursu Gur plays Murat Koral.
  • Melek is played by Izgür Kaya.
  • Check out Musti.
  • Kadir Polatci plays Ali.
  • Elif is played by Sena Kalip.
  • Kadir Turan is played by Serkan Besiroglu.
  • Burak Acar plays Melih.
  • Firuz was played by Alper Turedi.
  • Handan Koral, who was played from Zuhal Gencer
  • Ayla is played by Müfit Ulku Duru, and she is played by Sehsuvar Aktas.

Ruhun duymaz season 2 : Trailer release

When can we see the Season 2 trailer for Ruhun Duymaz? The Ruhun Duymaz second season video hasn’t been made public yet, so fans must remain patient to see it. You can see some of the show.

Ruhun duymaz season 2 : Storyline

Let’s talk about what’s important. The show is about an intelligence officer named Onur who is very dedicated to his job. In the first season, he is looking for Civan, a covert diamond smuggler who the intelligence service has been unable to catch.

There’s a twist: Onur falls to love with Ece, who’s friends with Hilal, Civan’s sister. There is trouble as they begin a mission that is made harder by their own feelings. Onur is the main character in Ruhun Duymaz. Onur is an intelligence officer who is very mean and loves his job as much as anything else.

After receiving a raise, the primary protagonist in the narrative is told through the authorities to discover evidence to apprehend Civan, the diamond smuggler who works below ground. As of now, no one in the security branch has yet been capable of catch Civan.

Onur gets close to Civan’s sister Hilal because of his plan to find out more about the bad things Civan does. Onur’s plan fails to work out though, as he falls within love with Ece, Hilal’s friend.

Following this, they set out to discover what Civan is up to. Can Onur finish his work? What does Ece mean? What makes Age agree to serve for Onur or the spy service? Our lead character, Onur, as well as his team are on the hunt for Civan at the beginning of the story. Civan is a notorious gem smuggler who masks his crimes beneath Koral jewelry.

Onur plans to get next to Civan’s sister Hilal in order to find the bad guy. Things go badly when our hero sees Hilal’s friend Ece. Ece thinks Onur acts strangely, but Onur likes Ece.

As the story rolls on, Onur is caught attempting to take files from Civan’s vault while he gets married to Hilal. But he doesn’t think Ece will also intend to steal Civan’s papers.

Onur tries to jail Ece, but Ece tells him he is going to assist the intelligence field catch Civan. Soon, Ece and Onur will be closer, and Onur will use Ece to be bait for capturing Civan.

Hilal employs a detective for keeping a watchful eye on Onur has and Ece since he believes they are out to no good. However, they are now on a mission to discover more proof which Civan was guilty of the things they say.

But things go the other way when Onur discovers Ece, where he put Hazar in jail. Ece states that Hazar reared her when people ask her about what she did.

Onur takes Ece for President Firuz since he is mad, and he puts her in jail. The job of Onur is also lost because he left with Ece. Because Ece feels guilty for the things she did, she seeks to find Hazar. This sets the two of them up again.

In the last episode of Season 1 for Ruhun Duymaz, Onur found out that Ece really was. After the procedure went well, Onur looked for Ece but couldn’t find her. Despite his desire to meet her, Ece is already where he wants to be before he starts out to find her.

After she was caught, Ece says Hazar raised her. Onur gets mad at Ece for being honest, so he drags her in to President Firuz. President Firuz tells Onur has he is unable to perform his job. Ece is now going to jail. Ece feels terrible for what that she did or is ready to put her life in danger again to find Zar. This brings her back together with Onur.

Where can I watch Ruhun Duymaz Season 2?

When you’re in Turkey, you can catch Ruhun Duymaz on FOX TV. The drama show can also be seen on FOX TV’s public YouTube channel.You may watch Ruhun Duymaz: Love Hidden or read the English captions from anywhere in the world.

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