Your Honor Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot- What To Expect

Your Honor Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot- What To Expect

An enthralling crime drama, intriguing premise, exhilarating and captivating storyline along with a brilliantly performing cast is everything one needs for binge-watching.

This series is a thriller, and excitement is carried to an excessive, ridiculous degree. 

Your Honor is one such drama, adapted from the Israeli series, Kvodo, where Bryan Cranston plays the leading role. 

He is seen as portraying a high court judge in New Orleans whose son kills another teenage boy, creating a hit-and-run situation. 

All of which leads to a high-stakes game of lies, deception, and difficult choices. 

The major audience was blown away by the power of Peter’s storytelling and the scintillating performance of Bryan Cranston, who never disappoints his fans. 

Your Honor is a Showtime original Television show. It can be streamed on the premium cable powerhouse’s website or app. 

Hulu and Amazon Video subscribers can also watch and enjoy the show if they have the Showtime add-on channel as part of their subscription.

Latest updates about the Release

Testing our patience quite swiftly, the makers of Your Honor have not yet posted a confirmation of the renewal for season 2. 

We know that it’s much-awaited as the audience loved every episode of season 1. 

It concluded in 10 episodes, the last one being aired on the 14th of February 2021. 

Most people left reviews stating that they had no idea when an hour of each episode passed. 

‘Time flies like anything when you’re watching a show, so indulging’ was a comment by one of the subscribers.

Now we do not want to indulge in any claptrap; hence it’s enough to tell you that the filming for season 2 is expected to begin this year for a 2023 premiere.

Although we’re not your ex, fake promises aren’t what we do. 

We tend to provide you with fact-based information, which is that there is still no official information from the makers of the show.

But it’s sure that whenever Your Honor renews for a second season, it will keep up with the audience.

About the Cast of Season 2

Can we respectfully call Bryan Cranston a kleptomaniac? Because all he did in the entire show was STEAL our attention. 

The actor played the role of Michael Desiato, a well-known respectable high court judge and a widow. 

He could cross all limits to protect his son. He finds himself in a state of stress when he’s thrown out into a world of corruption and lies. 

Adam Desiato was the son of Michael Desiato, who unintentionally killed another teenage boy in a hit and run accident. 

His role was played by Hunter Doohan, a multi-talented actor who is passionate about standing out.  

Recently, he was found working with Octavia Spencer and Lizzy Caplan in “Truth Be Told”.

The versatile and poised actor of today, Hope Davis, plays the role of Gina Baxter whose youngest son was killed in the accident by Adam Desiato. 

She was recently spotted in “For The People” and has received an Emmy nomination for her fabulous work on “In Treatment.”

Recurring side actors- Carmen Ejogo plays the role of Lee Delamere. The father figure of the teenage boy who was killed is played by Michael Stuhlbarg (Jimmy Baxter). 

The role of his wife, Fia Baxter, is played by Lilli Kay. Sofia Black-D’Elia plays Grannie, Chet Hanks plays Joey Maldini, Amy Landekar plays Nancy Costello, Jimi Stanton plays Carlo Baxter, Toni Curran plays Frankie, and Lamar Johnson plays Kofi Jones.

Expectations from the Second Season

Season 1 of the series left most people glued to their seats as it had an addictive storyline. 

We expect the second season to be equally addictive and binge-worthy.

The final episode raised numerous questions, more than it could itself answer. 

Elizabeth informs Adam about his mother’s extramarital affair, and Lee tells Big Mo that she thinks Kofi is not guilty. 

Carlo kills Rocco in prison and deceits the jury by convincing them that he did it in self-defense. 

Fiona didn’t believe Carlo’s fake story. Gradually, all the lies Adam and Michael planned were falling apart. 

At a party, Eugene tried getting rid of Carlo, and in a turn of events, Eugene killed Adam by accident. 

The second season will probably start where the first season left off. 

Now, this might have sounded cliché, but it is what it is, and hence, there’s no way to tell the story of season 2 succinctly, not before any official teaser or tweet.


  1. Is Your Honor based on a real-life crime story?

No, Your Honor does not follow a real-world crime story. Peter Moffat, a British screenwriter, has written this masterpiece. Legal dramas like Criminal Justice, Silk, and 61st street are some of his works.

  1. Will Adam Desiato die for real or not?

During the very last minutes of the final episode, it was shown that Kofi’s brother Eugene shoots Adam. 

His comeback in the next season can be considered as the episode ended, leaving us perplexed.

  1. Will everybody get to know the truth?

Lies, conspiracies, and fallacies will someday burst, and their plan will fail once Nancy, Charlie, and Lee get to know the truth. 

Michael will do everything he can to protect his son, but things will go out of hand, and it’ll be challenging to continue the lying practice.


The people were blown away by the extraordinary storytelling and by the moving performances of the actors, and I’d be lying if I said that the series was not worth the wait.

The suspense left among its enthralling audience left them all enigmatic.

So, all we can do is wait and presume about all the possible scenarios.

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