Criminal Minds Season 16 Release Date, Cast, Plot – What to Expect

Criminal Minds Season 16 Release Date, Cast, Plot – What to Expect

When will it be released? Here are all possibilities! 

Hello, binge-watchers! Are you looking for a new web series to watch? Your wait will be over soon as season 16 of “Criminal Minds,” produced by Jeff Davis, will soon hit the screens. 

To date, there are a total of 15 seasons and 324 episodes released of this crime suspense mystery drama series.

About Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is an American police procedural crime drama produced by Jeff Davis. 

The first episode of season 1 of this fantastic series premiered on CBS on 22 September 2005, and the last episode, to date, of season 15 was concluded on 19 February 2020.


The story of the show revolves around an elite group of criminal profilers who work with the FBI as members of its Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).

Using behavioral analysis and investigating the crimes to find the unsub (unknown subject), they analyze the nation’s most dangerous criminal minds so that they can anticipate their next move before they strike again.

The show also sets good examples of teamwork for viewers.

Season 1 Review

To date, season 1 of the series is considered the best as it gave an introduction about the team that fans came to know and admire. 

It was a fresh beginning and held greater shock value as fans did not know the story ahead.

Fans were still unaware of the characters as they watched their backstories unfold in the series.

Audiences were filled with suspense about what was going to happen in each episode of the new series, which focused on the good guys trying to save innocent people from the rave of serial killers.

Season 1 (Summary)

During the first season, the viewers didn’t know enough to expect. 

The mysterious Jason Gideon, aka Mandy Patinkin, seemed to have a past which gave him a special ability of hidden wisdom that he showed at rare moments. 

It was exciting to learn about his character and see his personality unfold in every new season.

But as the years passed, we found that his hidden wisdom was gone.

Season 15 Review

Why were fans disappointed with the season?

After the successful journey of 15 years of the Criminal Minds, it came to its finale. 

The stakes were high for both fans and the production team. 

The season ended, leaving unanswered doubts in the minds of audiences which led to great disappointment in the fans. 

Questions that were unanswered in the series are as follows- When did Lynch learn to fly the plane? What happened with Reid’s new love interest with Max? Where were things headed for the members of the BAU? 

Various fans reviewed that the ending of the series was underwhelming as none of the old faces appeared for the “final goodbye.” 

Fans were not at all impressed.

The part in which they all shared a special moment together to honor Garcia and the final episode with Garcia turning off her computers and lights in her office did not impress the audience with this particular ending of the series. 

Cast (1-15 Seasons)

1) A. J. Cook- Special Agent Jennifer Jarreau (JJ)

2) Matthew Gray Gubler- Spencer Raid

3) Kirsten Vangsness- Penelope Garcia 

4) Shemar Moore- Derek Morgan

5) Paget Brewster- Emily Prentiss

6) Thomas Gibson- Aaron Hotchner

7) Joe Mantegna- David Rossi

8) Adam Rodriguez- Luke Alvez

9) Mandy Patinkin- Jason Gideon

10) Aisha Tyler- Dra Lewis

11) Jon Barton

12) Lola Glaudini- Elle Greenaway

13) Daniel Henney- Mathew Simmons

14) Cade Owens- Jack Hotchner

15) Jeanne Tripplehorn- Alex Blake

16) Meredith Monroe- Haley Hotchner

17) Jennifer Love Hewitt- Kate Callahan

18) Brian Appel- Agent Anderson

19) Joe Stewart- Detective Williams LaMontagne Jr.

20) Amber Head

21) Rachel Nichols- Ashley Seaver

22) Damon Gupton- SSA Stephen Walker 

23) Meta Golding- Jordan Todd

24) Rochelle Aytes

25) C.Thomas Howell- George Foyet

26) Forest Whitaker- Sam Cooper

27) Ben Savage- Jason Gideon

28) Sienna Guillory

29) Aubrey Plaza- Cat Adams 

30) Camryn Manheim- Carla Hines

What about the teasers and trailers?

Per the reports, the series’ season 16 is under production, so Paramount has officially launched no trailer or teaser. 

But many fan trailers and teasers of the series are uploaded on YouTube. This shows the hype of the show among fans.

What to expect?

The previous season of the series was of great success. The fans also want the same tinch of mystery, suspense, and drama in the new season.

But it is not confirmed if the new season will be launched or not. Fans were disappointed by the season 15 finale episode aired on 19 CBS networks on 19 February 2020. 

A tweet by Paget Brewster saying that “It is dead” on July 21, 2021, raised questions in the minds of fans of the series.


Q1. Why are Criminal Minds unavailable in some countries?

Ans. Criminal Minds is unavailable in some countries because of censorship boards for various platforms of different countries, which regulate the shows that are to be shown in each country.

Q2. How can I watch it in India?

Ans. You can watch the series by streaming it on OTT platforms like Disney hot star, Hulu, etc.

Q3. On which TV channels can I watch it?

Ans. You can watch it on CBS or AXN.


It’s not confirmed whether the series will be launched or not, but the hype among fans will encourage the makers of the series to release season 16 and solve the unrevealing mystery of various crimes with new plots and twists.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the new season as the unanswered questions are still in the mind of viewers hoping that the new season will resolve the mysteries.

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