Link Click Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Link Click Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Studio LAN but instead Haoliners Animation League make the Chinese animated show Link Click for TV. It came out on bilibili or Funimation for the first time on April 30, 2021, and new episodes came out every Friday till July 9, 2021.

There are many 12 episodes, and one of them is a special called “5.5.” There are also several special “chibi” episodes. Link Click has been a surprise hit, and fans all over the world want more episodes, so we’ve chosen to inform you if there will be a second season.

Season 2 is a link. This series has a unique Donghua that’s been released in April 2021 as well as July 2021 on the streaming platform Bilibili. Each episode runs for 30 min. Link Click is ranked #34 on MyAnimeList. It has a score of 8.79 and about 72,426 members. Fans gave the show an 8.7 rating on IMBD.

YES, Link Click will have a second season. It was found that the next season of LINK CLICK was already in the works, as it was in the middle of a new finale of its best season. The only possible question is when it will be out. It’s too early to tell, but LINK CLICK 2 may come out in 2022 and mid-2023.

The creators of The Daily Life of the Immortal King, Studio LAN or Haoliners Animation League, are still working on Season 2, which most people expect to come out in the fall of 2021.

Do you want to know what happens just after the end of Link Click season 1? Do you want to know what season 2 of Link Click will consist of now that someone’s life is in danger? You’re in luck because we know the answers to all of the ones burning questions and much more.

The 2021 version of one of the underrated Chinese anime is back. In their most recent “Anime made by Bilibili” Livestream, the company that makes and runs the network declared that Link Click season 2 will come out in 2023.

The Chinese anime, which is called Shiguang Dailiren in romanization, is not based on manga, comics, or anything else. Link Click came out of nowhere in April 2021 with 11 episodes. It was made by Studio LAN and produced by Bilibili. It is currently one of the most highly-rated shows on MyAnimeList (MAL).

Link Click Season 2 Release Date

Link Clink season 2 would then come back in 2023, just like the second season of Tokyo Revengers and other popular anime shows.

As of today, there has been no official announcement about when it will be out. We wouldn’t be surprised if the second season came out in April 2023, since that’s when the initial season came out. But we’ll have to keep an eye out to see if our guess is right.

Link Click Season 2 Cast

Link Click’s second season will probably have mostly the same cast as the first. There will be some new characters, however, the show probably won’t change much from Season 1. We don’t know who will be in the second season, but based on how things work inside the Asian animation market, humans think that most of the cast from the first season will be back (since they were all in the movie, too).

Cheng Xiaoshi, Lu Guang, Qiao Ling, Emma / Wú Lìhuá, Yu Xia, Ling Zhen, hen Xiao, Doudou, Xiao Li, Xu Shanshan, Dong Yi, Liu Min.

Link Click Season 2 Trailer

Now that we’ve told you everything there is to know about Link Click’s second season, you know that there’s a trailer. It was just released on billibili’s official Twitter page, and you can watch the 93-second video here:

Link Click Season 2 Plot

Link Click could have a second season, but we still don’t know what it would be about. Link Click is indeed an original show, so we have no idea what the writers have planned for a possible second season.

We are aware that the story will go on, but we don’t know how or where it will end. What comes next is a summary of the initial season that will give you an idea of what the second season might be like.

Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang run the small “Shi Guang Photo Shop” in an unknown Chinese city. Even though there isn’t much going on, Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi are important because of their special abilities. Lu Guang can see the past by looking at photos and figuring out what happened after the photos were taken, while Cheng Xiaoshi could indeed travel into the past.

He gets over the body and some of the information about the individual who took the photograph for up to 24 hours after the picture was taken. Cheng Xiaoshi can change the past by controlling the actions of the person he had also taken control of in the past. But there is a big risk for them being there, which is why Lu Guang keeps telling him not to go there.

From the present, Cheng Xiaoshi’s quick temper gets advice from the careful Lu Guang on how to do the job. This is the way the two do it work that their boss, Qiao Ling, gives them. The young woman lives with them and has known them for just a long time.

In the assignments, they have to find out secrets like private detectives, solve crimes, and help people with personal problems that happened in the past because of mistakes or something they don’t know about.

Link Click season 2 would then pick up where season 1 left off, with Lu Guang impaled, Qiao Ling covered in blood, and Cheng Xiaoshi confused but desperate. Lu Gang’s life is in danger, so the three must work to catch the real killer.

But since the situation is getting worse and worse every day, it’s only an issue of time before another person is killed by a mysterious attacker who is up to no good.

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