Five Signs You Are Gambling In An Illegal Casino

Online casinos have grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years and it is showing no sign of stopping anytime soon. Its growth is also being catalyzed by the advancement of technology as time passes as well as digital marketing that has been invested in hugely.

Online casinos have risen in fame so much that people who were not interested in any form of gambling are being attracted to the games being offered on these online platforms. The average online casino is capable of becoming a huge source of entertainment for the average gambler as well as for people across the globe. An online casino can host thousands of games in its library, and they are exciting and thrilling. Even if you’re not a gamer or gambler, these games will give an amazing gaming experience as they can lift up your boredom.

There are thousands of online casinos spread across the internet. While that is a great achievement for the gambling industry, the landslide is that illegal and illegitimate casinos have also been mixed with the thousands of online casinos on the internet. It is quite easy for people to pick an illegal platform for their casino games, especially if you’re a beginner. In this article, we will be listing some signs you should watch out for just so you won’t fall victim to casino scams for illegal platforms.

Lack Of Security Technology

People have always been sceptical about the fairness and security of online casinos as they continue to get an edge over their physical counterparts. The security of personal and financial data has always been a subject in the space of online gambling. 

The online casino industry tackled this problem by implementing high-level security technology in all legitimate online casinos. Some are in the form of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology which encrypts all data being exchanged between players and the platforms throughout their session. If an online casino has implemented the SSL technology, you should see a padlock icon in the address bar of your browser. If you don’t see this display icon at the address bar of your browser, then it is most likely an illegal casino site.

Lack Of License

Before a legitimate online casino can be officially launched to the world, there are several steps it needs to complete to be authorized as a legal gambling site. One of the many steps is acquiring a gambling license from a reputable gambling authority in which the platform wishes to operate.

To get this license, an online casino will be thoroughly checked by the gaming authority for fairness, standards and security (source: All requirements have to be passed before a license can be given. A licensed online casino means it has passed the requirement for fair gameplay and that information being exchanged is completely safe and secure away from third parties. To know if an online casino is licensed, you should navigate to the bottom of the homepage of the online casino. You will see a licensing logo with the regulating gaming authority written on it. Clicking it should take you straight to the gaming authority, if it doesn’t, steer clear. It is a vibrant red flag.

Lack of Payment Methods

Another red flag you should be aware of is the lack of multiple payment methods. Most online casinos usually offer several payment methods to their customers, in fact, having multiple modes of payment are being used as a marketing strategy for reputable online casinos.

For example, Canadians mostly love to use Interac as their preferred mode of payment for almost everything, so offshore online casinos offer Interac Online to attract customers from Canada. Some even go as far as offering bonuses for using a particular payment method. If there are only 2-3 payment methods available at an online casino, you shouldn’t consider that casino.

Reputation In Reviews

Checking out reviews of online casinos should be one of the important things you need to carry out before playing any game at the casino. There are online sites that are dedicated to reviewing online casino platforms. They check out the gaming experience, customer support, payment methods, games and many more. At the end of the reviews, players that have gambled at the specific casino will drop their experience (good or bad) in the comment section. If the online casino you’re gambling at has more bad reviews than good ones, then you should stop playing games there.

Too-good-to-be-true Bonuses

One of the amazing ways online casinos are implemented to gain an advantage over luxurious land-based casinos is by offering bonuses and promotions. Now, it is being used by online casinos to gain an advantage over each other in the online space. 

However, you should still be careful as their illegal casinos have also jumped into the trend. You should always pay attention to the bonuses and promotions being offered to you. Compare them with other online casinos and check if the difference between them is exaggerated or little. If it’s too exaggerated, there’s a chance it is an illegal casino looking out to take your money.


There are thousands of online casinos available on the internet, and it is quite easy to register for an illegal one especially if you’re a beginner who is just entering the world of online gambling. Take note of these signs to ensure you don’t become their next victim.

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