Woman sells expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! of her husband for revenge

Social networks exploded due to the recent case of a woman who got get revenge on her husband for cheating on her. As it did? Well, she came up with a plan that involved selling a rare collection of cards. Yu-Gi-Oh! of her husband and in the end she succeeded.

After the wife discovered her husband’s trap, she placed the 26 boxes of multi-pack letters by Yu-Gi-Oh! in Yahoo Auctions; post now viral. He admitted that he doesn’t know at all how much these cards cost and therefore put them all up for sale for 1 yen.

As seen in the image below, these sets come from the Magic Ruler, Pharoah’s Servant, Curse of Anubis, Thousand Eyes Bible, Mythological Age, and Spell of Mask booster sets. The Truth News She shares the original note published by the woman:

Photo: Yahoo! Auctions “26 Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Packs”

“This is my first listing on Yahoo! Auctions As an act of revenge against my husband for having cheated on me, I have decided to sell his collection. The items are not open, so I would be glad if I can get a good price for these, ”he wrote.

“The boxes have been on a shelf with a lid on them, so they are not even dusty. I’m not very familiar with trading card games, but to my inexperienced eyes, the items are free of damage or tears, so please accept their condition as is. Thank you, “concluded the woman in Yahoo Auctions.

How much did the Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards sell for?

The auction started at just 1 yen last Saturday. As of this writing, bids are now going up by 8,205,000 yen. It seems that the sale will be quite high when the sale is made.

Many fans of anime, manga, and video games are familiar with the extreme cost of collectibles. From Pokémon cards to the aforementioned Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, their sale (especially rare copies) can be sold for millions of dollars.

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