More leaks from the front panels of the iPhone 13 show the changes in the notch

As Ming-Chi Kuo talks about a front camera sitting in a hole in the 2023 iPhone screen, more photos of iPhone 13 leaks keep pouring in. Photos showing the front panel and reflecting changes in the size of the notch as well as in its distribution.

When the rumorsphere sounds …

The leaker DuanRui has published in twitter an image showing two fronts that, due to the size of the notch, must belong to the iPhone 13. For the size difference between both fronts It would seem that we are seeing in the same image a comparison between the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 mini.

In the image we can see the loudspeaker at the upper end of the panel, almost outside it, and in the camera hole repositioned to the right of the module instead of to the left as it currently is. The reduction of the notch, horizontally, it is 8 millimeters, while in the vertical dimension it reduces its thickness by 0.5 millimeters.

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This will be the first design change in the notch since it was introduced on the first iPhone X in 2017, four years ago. At the time of the presentation Apple stated in an interview that this was going to be the design of the iPhone for the next 10 years. Something that, although it is subject to changes and evolutions, clashes with the idea of ​​a sudden deletion of the notch in the iPhones of 2023.

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We should keep in mind that we are talking about rumors, although it must also be recognized that the frequency and variety, both in terms of photographic material and sources, leads us to give them notable credibility. This is not the only novelty we expect for the iPhone 13, which will bring new processors, camera changes and more.

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