Where to Watch the Series The Lovers?

Comedic love Sky Atlantic’s The Lovers will teach us that sometimes the individuals you think are completely unsuited for one another might turn out to be the ideal pair.

Belfast supermarket worker Janet falls for charming, narcissistic political broadcaster Seamus in a six-part series set to premiere in 2023 and starring Johnny Flynn of Genius and Roisin Gallagher of The Fall. Do you think it’s possible to meet your soulmate in the unlikeliest of places? It would seem that you can.

All the information you want for the Sky Atlantic series The Lovers is provided here.

Where to watch The Lovers?

In the UK, viewers of The Lovers may access it on Sky Atlantic and the on-demand service NOW, while Australians can watch it with a Binge membership. Preliminary reports indicate that the program will make its North American premiere before year’s end. If you’re traveling and want to catch up on the latest episodes, go ahead and use a VPN.

The Lovers Story

Belfast store clerk Janet (Roisin Gallagher), the protagonist of the six-part series The Lovers, is uninterested in everything, even her own life. So, she shouldn’t give gorgeous political broadcaster Seamus (Johnny Flynn) much of a second thought when he climbs into her backyard.

He is narcissistic, lives a lavish lifestyle in London, and is seeing Frankie, a famous actress (Alice Eve). Their seemingly inexplicable attraction to one another, despite their obvious differences, exemplifies how love can manifest in the most unexpected of places.

The Lovers Cast

  • Johnny Flynn as Seamus

Actor Johnny Flynn portrays Seamus, a political commentator. In Genius, he portrayed a young Albert Einstein, and in Vanity Fair, he played William Dobbin. Lovesick, Les Misérables, Operation Mincemeat, and The Dig are among his other film credits. Stardust was another film in which he portrayed David Bowie.

In the forthcoming Netflix film Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, Johnny will provide the voice of Bob Cratchit. He will also be seen in 2023 on Sky Atlantic’s Ripley, playing the role of Dickie Greenleaf.

  • Roisin Gallagher as Janet

Janet, played by Roisin Gallagher, is the humorous and potty-mouthed protagonist of The Lovers. This past spring, she was seen on screen as Shiv, a drunk who moves back in with his family in Dublin after spending time in London, in the TV series The Dry. Come Home, Doctors, Made in Belfast, and The Fall are among her other acting credits.

The other cast members are as follows:

  • Alice Eve as Frankie
  • Conleth Hill as Philip
  • Simon Paisley Day as Tim
  • Evelyn Miller as Ndidi
  • Jenn Murray as Gemma

The Lovers Ending

With the pair going through a difficult period, the plot of the program took a dramatic turn, and the climax was even more unexpected. After falling deeply in love with Janet, Seamus makes a life-altering choice to ensure he doesn’t lose her.

Seamus abandoned his prosperous profession in pursuit of a happy life with Janet, believing that all would be worthwhile in the end. Despite Janet’s past as a grocery store employee and her status as a widow, Seamus never passed judgment on her. Their newfound harmony heralded the beginning of a fresh chapter in their lives together.

After Seamus gave up everything for his life, he and Janet began writing the same tale, which demonstrates how their love and devotion triumphed over the major problems and other obstacles they had in previous lives and with other priorities.


The Lovers Creators

Drama Republic and Sky Studios are producing The Lovers. Playwright David Ireland (Cyprus Avenue, Ulster American) and director Justin Martin (Together, Prima Facie, BAFTA winner) are the creative minds behind it.

Representing Drama Republic, Roanna Benn, and Rebecca de Souza expressed their enthusiasm for the production, saying, “We’re so excited that David’s beautifully crafted, romantic, and subversive story is being brought to life by such a brilliant team and cast, with the hugely talented Justin Martin at the helm.”

The Lovers Trailer

The relationship between the two cinematic misfits in the new film, The Lovers, seems adorable in the teaser. Check it out down below…

The Lovers Rating

With a 7.4 rating on IMDb and positive reviews from fans, it’s clear that The Lovers Season 1 was a success. We anticipate a better narrative and stronger ratings for the second season.

The Lovers: Will there be season 2?

Nothing has been said about what happens to The Lovers beyond season 1, and given how the show ended, it might go anyway. The show’s major plot was essentially resolved in the series finale when Seamus decided to end his career as a political broadcaster and begin a genuine relationship with Janet.

Finally, Philip and the rest of the store crew receive a news message saying that Janet’s history has been discovered, now that she is related to Seamus. This might be a hint at more to come.

Does this new information have the potential to set the stage for an upcoming second season? For the time being, all we can do is wait for news on the show’s future, and we will be sure to update this page accordingly.

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