The Manny: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

A 10-part Mexican comedy series called The Manny debuted on Sunday, December 24 on Netflix. A wealthy businesswoman in the romantic comedy The Manny struggles to keep up with her hectic work schedule, her children’s demanding schedules, and her tumultuous divorce. But when a male nanny steps in to help out with the second group, he ends up having a much greater influence on their lives than anybody had anticipated.

The Manny has been a smashing success since its Netflix debut, especially in the US, and this is despite (or maybe because of) the fact that it doesn’t include any holiday cheer.

The Manny Release Date

The Manny, a new Netflix original series that debuted on December 24, 2023, is attracting viewers with its offbeat plot and mature humor.

The Manny Plot

An anxious CEO in The Manny recruits a cowboy to watch her children when she becomes too busy to do it herself. “Little does she realize that he will question her beliefs about love and gender roles.”

With a detailed summary reading, “Jimena juggles trying to keep her life in order,” the story starts. She is juggling a lot: caring for her three children, running for president of the firm, and dealing with her (nearly) ex-husband. Gaby, a lovely rancher, ends up being the ideal babysitter for her kids, which is a complete surprise to her. Unexpectedly, gender prejudices won’t stop Gabriel and Jimena from falling in love.

The Manny Cast

  • Sandra Echeverría as Jimena

Despite her struggles, Jimena remains the matriarch of her family. Due in large part to her soon-to-be ex-husband’s reclusiveness, her divorce is taking longer than expected, and she is finding it difficult to balance her demanding profession with the care of her three children.

  • Iván Amozurrutia as Gabriel

Played by Amozurrutia, Gabriel is a charming rancher who takes care of Jimena’s kids and quickly gets loved by the family.

  • Anthony Giulietti as Leo

The little actor, who portrays Jimena’s kid, gets along well with the babysitter, despite being only thirteen years old. In 2022, Giulietti’s performance in the program Amor is Amor garnered praise. Both At Midnight and The Silent Night, which were released earlier this year, featured him in supporting parts.

  • Alexander Tavizon as Santiago

Santiago is Jimena’s firstborn, and he’s also one of her most difficult children. Until Gabriel communicates with him, he terrorizes his sister and the family’s hired assistant, attacking and playing practical jokes on them.

  • Cassandra Iturralde as Sofia

Sofia, Jimena’s only daughter, is the middle child in her family. Gabriel may find it most difficult to win over Sofia since she feels the most sadness over her parent’s impending divorce.

  • Jose Maria Torre as Jaoquin

The veteran actor portrays Jimena’s conceited ex-husband, Jaoquin, who has unrequited feelings for her. Corona de lágrimas (2012) was Torre’s breakout role, in which he played Edmundo Chavero.

  • Sofia Diaz as Mitch

On The Manny, Diaz portrays Jaoquin’s fiancée, Mitch. Some of the most famous shows starring the actor include Encrucijada, 13 Minutos antes de dormir, and The Five Juanas. Ana & Mario, a short film in which she appeared, was also her production.

The Manny Trailer

Manny is a 10-episode drama coming soon to Netflix, and the teaser gives us a look at Jimena’s crazy but endearing existence. Life takes a surprising turn for Jimena when she meets Gaby, a lovely rancher with an uncommon talent set—the ideal nanny for her three children. As she juggles being a mom, a profession, and a troubled marriage, her life takes a surprising turn.

The Manny Filming Locations

In February 2023, gunshots rocked Guadalajara, West Mexico. The majority of the sequences were shot in an aesthetically pleasing location, which doubled as Jimena’s residence in the show.

During filming, members of the cast and crew also perused bustling streets and local markets. A few weeks down the road, in March, filming came to a close. Guadalajara has also served as the setting for other television episodes, including Monstrously Alone and The Amazing Catfish.


The tale of The Manny was entertaining, but it lacked the emotional depth that would have made it engaging. Unlike before, every character was fleshed out to a respectable degree, even the kids. Perhaps a couple of episodes’ brevity would have given it more of an impact.

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